ARC’s Specialized Printing: A Game Changer for Medical Device Manufacturers 

Delphine Wilson| November 19, 2019

ARC’s Specialized Printing

For the past few decades, ARC has been synonymous with printing in the AEC industry. 

But it’s not just builders and designers who can benefit from our commitment to quality and service. Manufacturers of medical devices rely on us too. 

From printing inserts and binding IFUs to nationwide distribution and even large-format graphic printing capabilities, ARC makes it easy to centralize all the printing requirements a medical device manufacturer could ever have. 

Here’s why that can make a big difference for medical device manufacturers.


Ensure Products Get to Market on Time

Taking a product to market has a lot of steps, and hitting one snag can derail the process. With a decades-long history of quality and consistency, ARC can help ensure that the IFU creation, printing, and distribution process goes as smoothly as possible. And if supply chain issues do occur, we’re always ready to execute corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) as needed.

That way, your products get to market on time and, just as importantly, your IFUs enable customers to use your devices effectively.


Be More Cost-Efficient with Centralized Print Operations

As mentioned, ARC can help with the creation, printing, and distribution of your IFUs. But it gets better. With 190 locations throughout the United States, you can centralize all your printing needs because our service centers are everywhere. Even if you plan to keep distribution in-house, centralizing your print operation with one partner can create significant cost savings on shipping and printing that reverberate across the entire supply chain. 

Finally, because of the breadth of ARC’s capabilities, you can also work with us to fulfill your other printing needs such as managed print services (MPS) and environmental graphics for office decor. 


Update Your Office, Embolden Your Brand

Though we’ve focused on specialized printing so far, it’s worth mentioning a bit more about ARC’s capabilities beyond IFUs. 

As competition for top talent heats up in specialized industries like healthcare, it’s increasingly critical that your office visually communicates a message that puts your brand in the best light. Our printing and installation expertise ensures that the graphics you need in any office design or redesign are high-quality and consistent with your brand. If you’d like to learn more, take a look at some of the office design projects we’ve done in the past.


See for Yourself

Our services are designed to print medical device manufacturers’ documents with an extreme level of detail, high-standard, and low error rates. If problems do arise, we fix them promptly. Whether that’s making ourselves available for on-site audits after an FDA audit, consulting on print material selection, or helping to tell your visual story, you can expect the same quality, consistency, and consultative approach from ARC throughout the country.


Read about our printing services here if you’d like to learn more.


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