The Concern with Cloud Security: Part 2

David Stickney| April 17, 2021

Cloud Security- Concern,Worries & Future!

To guarantee a level of confidence with their customers, the majority of cloud offerings try to meet strict standards in physical security and data encryption, as well as user management and authentication. But even with those assurances, you may wonder just how secure your service truly is.

You need to consider what happens when you entrust a company with your data. With increasing demand to partner with other companies to strengthen one’s network, the security risks run high. Big reputable companies like Salesforce pride themselves on having hundreds to thousands of partners.

On the one hand, this is great because customers can fully benefit from the myriad of applications being offered. However, any integration with third parties can create security loopholes. This is why it’s crucial for cloud providers to run vulnerability scanning tests on the application security to ensure partners aren’t posing a threat.

Reduced costs, flexible SaaS models, and access to documents anywhere, anytime, are some of the many benefits of the cloud. Despite many security concerns, it’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons, demonstrating that moving to the cloud is a wise decision.

Understanding your company’s needs and engaging with a cloud provider who fulfills them is the first step towards making this transition. Once you accomplish this, adopting the cloud is a no-brainer. The sky’s the limit.

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