Cruisin’ the Compliments in June

David Stickney| June 20, 2020

As many of you know, our local service centers have lots of ways to communicate with their customers, and one of the newest is our ratings and review module.

With more than 3,000 reviews up across the company, our review feature has become our most popular way to hear about the work we do.

Nonetheless there are still a dedicated group of customers who send in “S.T.A.R.s” via cards, emails and texts about our people and the pride they take in their work. We want to make sure we give them equal time, so their comments are included below.


FYI, S.T.A.R.s are “special thanks and recognition” that are sent in, unsolicited, from happy customers.



Costa Mesa, CA –  Rebecca Goodsell

Good Morning Rebecca,

Hope you’re having a Marvelous Magnificent Magical Monday on today.  Thank you so much, we love our Conference Room Door and we love Ian, who professionally and perfectly performed the task of putting it all together for us.  Have a Great Day, Be Safe and Take Care. Thanks!

global architecture & engineering firm


Costa Mesa, CA – Wayne Wernimont and the Riot Team

Hi Wayne,

I wanted to thank you for being so “on it!”  We really appreciate your efforts to get us these graphics ASAP. The acrylics look so good we’re adding 16 more on a few more walls. Attached is a zip file containing the artwork and a pdf of the PO. Due date is Friday end of day. Thanks.

Faye & Margaret
international engineering firm


Costa Mesa, CA – Phil Bojorquez and Team

I want to let you know that Phil B. and his staff do an amazing job handling our account.  They go above and beyond the call of duty.

municipal wastewater authority


Santa Monica Riot – Tony Mettler, Darlene Smith and Team

Just wanted to provide some feedback on Darlene Smith and the great job she and her team at Santa Monica Riot did on the banners that we ordered to hang in our office space.  They look great and Darlene worked with us to provide some great suggestions on how to fabricate the banners and did it all on our aggressive schedule.  Also, thanks to our rep Tony Mettler for facilitating the process and reaching out to me afterwards to make sure everything went well.

global design firm


Phoenix – Color Department

Hey guys – Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for all your hard work. When customers come in with unrealistic due dates we always know we can count on you. Not only do you get things done fast you also create a quality product. You make us look good daily and you can see the evidence plastered all around the town. Thanks again from all of us!!



Costa Mesa, CA – Color Team,

Hi, Woody,

We received the print order in time this morning.  Thanks again for coming through in a clutch again this time. Thank you,

international design firm


Los Angeles – Gabriel Romero and Color Team

Hi Woody,

Got the booklets this morning and they look great. Thanks so much for all of your help!

architect & planning firm


City of Industry, CA – Robert Wilson and Carolina Aguirre

Hi Kassey-

I would like to express to you my sincere compliments on the service provided by Robert and Carolina out of the City of Industry office.  Both Robert and Carolina truly go over and above providing the best service to our office.  I’m sure you know we pride ourselves on taking care of our customer so you can assume we are tough critics as far as our expectations go.  With that said, Robert and Carolina are truly the definition of excellent customer service! There have been times I’ve been on the road or made a mistake in my order and they have quickly accommodated!  They treat us as well as our sub-contractors with the same degree of outstanding product service! I really can’t express enough what a wonderful job they do for us.  Not sure who is over both of them but please share this email with their superiors, they need to know how awesome these two individuals are and how much we value working with them both! Thank you,

regional fast food chain


Honolulu, HI – Angel Cabato and Pacific Team

Hi Angel and ARC,

Once against you did a magnificent and speedy job for us. And on top of that, we met our deadline. Your delivery driver was so great in getting all the documents delivered. Mahalo for making my day since it was quite a stressful one, trying to coordinate the packages of drawings, specs, etc.

engineering consultant



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