Does Your Construction Site Have the Required Signage?

Lee Myhre| May 30, 2022

Despite having all the advanced safety equipment, technology, and training, the construction industry continues to face an alarming number of fatal and nonfatal injuries as well as numerous accidents among its workers.

For example, almost 20% of workers’ deaths occur due to construction-related accidents.

Construction Industry Fatal Statistics:

According to the data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics-

  • 1 in 5 deaths among U.S. workers comes from the construction industry
  • Last year, almost 1,000 workers died on the job
  • Each year, 10.2 of every batch of 100,000 construction workers suffer a fatal injury on the job
  • Each year 1.1% of construction workers experience serious injuries
  • In 2020, there were a total number of 174,100 injuries in the construction sector

Having safety equipment indeed is a must but at the same time, it is also important to employ methods and processes that ensure safety daily. It’s not just about the workers as we also need to consider the safety of visitors and the general public in and around the jobsite.

The rational way to help prevent construction jobsite injuries is to place signage across the site where required. Construction signage can alert people of potential dangers.

Different Types of Construction Signs:

Different Construction Signs

The American National Standard Institute and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) have come up with three key classifications-

  • Danger signs: This type of sign should be in front of a place that has potential danger.
  • Warning sign: A warning sign is required at the jobsite places where serious injury can happen.
  • Caution sign: If a location has major or minor injury potential, having caution signs located in those areas is important.

5 Types of Construction Jobsite Signs –

  • Admittance signs: This sign alerts you when you are about to enter a restricted area.
  • Fire safety sign: This type of sign alerts people about fire and informs them about fire-related equipment.
  • General safety sign: It covers all the general safety measures like first aid, medical equipment, sanitation, and many more.
  • Non-hazards sign: These are the general signs directing people to the washroom, manager’s room, or somewhere important.
  • Notice sign: Usually, these types of signs talk about information, instruction, and procedures that are not directly related to safety. For example, the NO Smoking sign is a perfect example of a Notice sign.

The Other Critical Construction Signs

“Prohibited” signs: These are one of the most common construction signs. You might often find them as the red danger sign. You can find such signs at the entrance of almost every construction site. ‘No unauthorized access’ is a popular example.

Mandatory sign: Mandatory signs are opposite to prohibitions signs. This type of sign tells you what must do. For example, “Wear a helmet before entering the site” is a type of mandatory sign. Usually, mandatory signs come with a solid blue circle with white lettering or symbol.

Safe condition signs:

Safe condition signs inform you about the safe place. In most construction sites, safe condition signs are used for alerting people about the safe places like where to find medical kits, fire exits, who to report to, etc. Safe condition signs come with a solid green color square with a white-colored image or text inside it.

Fire equipment signs:

Fire equipment signs inform you where to find the fire equipment. This sign is red but square and this is what makes them different from prohibition signs.

Places to Put Construction Site Safety Signs:

Here Constructions site safety signs

When it comes to placing construction signs, select places where they have more visibility. Danger signs should be located at places that are vulnerable to risks and hazards. You can place caution signs as a warning. Safety signs should always be mounted up so that no one can avoid them.

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