Get a Head Start on the Holiday Season: 6 Reasons Why It’s Essential

Courtney Treffkorn| August 31, 2023

As the summer heat persists in many parts of the country, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Yes, you read that correctly! The festive season is only a few short months away, making this the perfect time to jumpstart your brand strategy for the upcoming gifting season.

Curious about the benefits of starting early? Let’s delve into six compelling reasons:

Amplify Your Impact through Strategic Planning

  • Having time on your side opens up the door to incorporating additional elements that can elevate your brand’s influence. Consider options such as personalized kitting, launching an engaging social media campaign, integrating digital experiences using QR codes and NFC technology, implementing comprehensive drip marketing strategies (including emails, direct mail, and product engagement), or investing in top-notch printed materials. This year, make it your mission to be intentional and strategic, setting the stage for the results you aspire to achieve.

Ignite Creativity with Fully Custom Projects

  • While logo-imprinted products are tried and true, why not go further? Imagine the potential of crafting branded merchandise through fully customized projects that breathe life into your unique vision. Depending on variables like product specifications, quantities, location, and other factors, these projects can be realized in a shorter amount of time than you may think. Embrace the concept that time is your ally when it comes to innovative opportunities for brand strategy.Promotional items holidays theme giving season

Secure Coveted Products and Sidestep Inventory Issues

  • Don’t let the season’s most-wanted products slip through your fingers while others capitalize on them. While the industry’s inventory situation has improved over the years, delaying your selections could still result in missed opportunities. Secure the most sought-after products and color options by taking proactive steps early on. (Barbie pink comes to mind!)

Navigate Shipping Surges Seamlessly

  • It’s an annual cycle – as the holiday season approaches, logistics giants like UPS, FedEx, and USPS experience heightened pressures. This year is no exception. Once your package is en route, a certain degree of control is relinquished. When dealing with tight deadlines, it’s wise to avoid unnecessary risks. Plan ahead to bypass the shipping rush and its associated challenges.

Gift Yourself Time and Peace of Mind

  • Why rush through holiday preparations when you can relish the festive season with poise and tranquility? By staying ahead of the curve, you can bypass the frenzied last-minute decision-making process that often leads to unwarranted stress. Remember, the holiday season already carries personal obligations – there’s no need to exacerbate them with last-minute business pressures.


Maximize Your Creative Potential

  • Starting early means you have ample time to brainstorm, iterate, and perfect your holiday campaigns. Whether it’s conceptualizing unique gift ideas, developing captivating visuals, or fine-tuning your messaging, having a generous timeline allows for a more comprehensive and innovative approach. Don’t merely settle for the ordinary; strive for the extraordinary by harnessing your full creative potential.

The holiday season holds immense importance for organizations aiming to leave a lasting impact. It’s a time to express gratitude, extend support, and cement your brand’s identity among employees, customers, and partners who are invaluable stakeholders. Lackluster gifting efforts are glaringly apparent and can potentially tarnish your brand’s reputation. Initiate conversations and place orders now (in September/October) for outcomes that will resonate well beyond the time when decorations are stored away.

Let’s make this holiday season not only memorable for the recipients of your gifts but also for your brand’s enduring success. ARC stands out as the ultimate choice for all your holiday promotional needs, offering a seamless blend of innovative creativity, strategic planning, and unparalleled expertise that ensures your brand’s message shines brightly during the festive season.

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