How ARC Unlocks Scalable Growth for Fitness Club Brands

Delphine Wilson| February 11, 2020

Scalable Growth for Fitness Club Brands

Walk into any of the biggest fitness clubs—Planet Fitness, Crunch, Gold’s Gym, 24-Hour Fitness—and you’ll notice how distinctive their brand is. 

It starts with the colors and graphics on the wall and extends to the staff, the members, even the equipment… all these little details create a community that people want to be a part of.

But when these details are inconsistent because graphics are failing, low-quality, or discolored the brand is diluted. The sense of community vanishes. 

So how do you keep your brand’s visual identity consistent in a way that scales? 


A New Way to Approach Your Visual Identity

Keeping your brand true to itself from concept through design, production, and installation is an operation in and of itself. Too often, fitness organizations attempt to cobble the pieces of this process together—using different printers and installers for every region. 

This might just barely work if you only have one, bare-bones location. But if you want to grow even a little bit, or establish a visual identity, you’re going to run into problems with this approach.

Inevitably, poor-quality printers or installers will find their way into the mix. Colors will be inconsistent and installation will be botched. On top of that, organizing prints and coordinating installation schedules from so many different vendors becomes a serious drain on your marketing team’s time.

Your brand is far too valuable for this approach to make any sense.


Simplified Production, Cost-Effective Delivery, and Professional Installation 

ARC enables a new approach, where your graphic production, delivery, and installation are simplified and consolidated. In short, this means you get to work with a print solutions partner that enables you to consistently bring your designs to life while staying true to your brand. 

It all starts with our knowledgeable specialists who work to understand your goals and customize a solution. It continues with our project managers who coordinate and manage your project so everything goes smoothly. 

And because our installers are spread among over 190 locations in the United States and abroad, we can handle every step of the installation process for multiple locations. 


Focus on Ideas, We’ll Handle the Graphics

A truly impactful fitness brand can’t come to life if your focus is always being pulled away to deal with logistics. 

In addition to our project management services, ARC solves this problem with a customized Digital Storefront built specifically for your organization.

Through this Digital Storefront, marketing teams can take control of the brand without needing to be hands-on by consolidating fulfillment. The result is a drastically simplified fulfillment process that enables marketing teams to spend their time on big ideas.


One Partner, One Vision

Of course, consolidating the management of your visual identity with one partner requires a wide breadth of graphic production capabilities. 

ARC provides that and more, regularly producing environmental graphics, event displays, signs, small format graphics, and much more on any kind of material you could ever want or need. Not to mention, ARC is well-versed in bringing highly customized graphic displays to life. 


Scalable Growth for Fitness Club Brands – So if you’re ready to simplify your approach to your fitness brand’s visual identity, read more about our printing services.

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