Introducing SKYSITE

David Stickney| February 5, 2021


ARC is proud to announce SKYSITE, a cloud solution that manages the workflow of construction documents and information. SKYSITE was developed to solve the challenges that contractors face every day. By talking to contractors in the field, ARC found that GCs today are using 5-7 applications on a single project. Many of these applications are mass market software jimmy rigged for use on the jobsite. Apps like Dropbox and Box, although common, are not designed for the unique document distribution used every day by contractors and construction professionals. SKYSITE is the construction grade alternative to these consumer grade products.

Powered by ARC Document Solutions, SKYSITE has been built with an understanding of how collaboration works on the construction site. ARC’s long history of managing information for construction firms, as well as architects and engineers, distinguishes us from the competitors. The takeaway for contractors is that SKYSITE is powered by industry veterans with knowledge and experience that matters to them.

So how does SKYSITE accomplish this? SKYSITE gives you a unified platform on which all of your project-related information can be effectively managed and distributed. The feature set takes SKYSITE beyond a generic tool and provides contractors, subcontractors, and project teams a solution that allows them to:

  • Automatically sync your team’s devices so everyone is on the current set
  • Easily store construction documents to the cloud
  • Share updates to documents with your project team in real time
  • Quickly distribute project documents
  • Collaborate using a single source of truth, not multiple applications

Not sure if this is the solution you’re looking for? Sign up today and you can try it for free for a year with to you and five of your team members: Get SKYSITE

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