Long-time Architect Prints His Drawings to Life with Smart Color Services

Bob Thomas| April 5, 2021

Jim Carlson dreamt of being an architect from the time he was 12 years old. As the principal of JF Carlson Architects, he’s been living that dream for the past 40 years. And over the years, Jim has provided high-quality architectural design services to a wide variety of clients.

From custom waterfront homes to minor remodels and every project in between, Jim Carlson has built his business on paying meticulous attention to detail. That attention to detail is evident in his decision to use mylar and pencil to create his drawings by hand.

It’s a process, Carlson says, that keeps him more connected to his drawings.

Smart Color

Out of His Hands and Into Color Prints

A unique client forced Jim to have his drawings printed in color. It was a couple who’d purchased a condo that they were remodeling. They couldn’t stop arguing about a variety of design choices. Part of the problem was that they weren’t able to understand Carlson’s drawings without color.

So Jim had his drawings printed in color.

“I saw the benefits right away. My drawings popped out—it looked better. They were easier to understand.”

Jim successfully used color to help his clients understand his drawings better. Ultimately, it helped them solve their dispute and get the job done. Still, Jim wasn’t quite convinced. “The cost was prohibitive,” he said.

ARC Introduces the Smart Color Difference

Jim came into one of ARC’s print shops with his color drawings where he was immediately introduced to the HP Pagewide XL Printer, a device that could help him leverage all the benefits of color without the prohibitive cost. The drastic reduction in price meant that Jim could print all his drawings in color.

“Using the HP Pagewide XL printer benefits all my customers because I can use color, economically,” Jim said. “My customers can visualize it faster. It allows me to speed up the process. It brings my drawings to life.”

Color Graphics

The Power of Using Color Graphics vs. Black & White

Until recently, it made economic sense in many cases to avoid using color. That’s no longer the case.

Printing in color is now six times cheaper than it once was. And if Jim Carlson’s story isn’t cause enough to reconsider the benefits of color, think about this:

  • Color documents can reduce errors by up to 80%.
  • Drafting in color reduces failure costs on building sites by 3.9%.
  • Compared to monochrome documents, color documents are more easily understood and their information is retained better up to 65% of the time.
  • For every dollar invested in color, contractors can earn four dollars in savings on any given project.

To see color prints in action, ask us for a free sample.

Or learn more about the difference Smart Color made for JF Carlson Architects in this YouTube video.


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