S.T.A.R. – May is Blooming With Compliments

David Stickney| May 15, 2021

The showers of compliments in April inspired the May flowers below!

Take a look at some of our most recent kudos, and check the reviews on our local service center websites to find out what people think of their local ARC teams!

FYI, S.T.A.R.s are “special thanks and recognition” that are sent in, unsolicited, from happy customers.


Aurora, CO – Team

Our inspection passed thanks to you all!! Thanks for rushing the drawings through and getting them out to us!
construction company

Memphis, TN – Devon Harris

We just want to let you know that our van looks awesome! We’ve had a couple of phone calls, a couple of pictures and one person even videoed us going down the road. Thank you, again, for such a wonderful [vehicle wrap] job and we look forward to bring you the next (easier!!!) truck!
Michael and Lynn

Costa Mesa, CA – Jackie Hanson

I am not sure if John has responded to your team but great work, it is awesome and got a lot great feedback from everyone.
national construction company

Global Solutions – Vince Vasquez

You’re a rock star!!
The error message is gone and the address book works.
Thanks a bunch!
global design firm

Roseville, CA – Freddie Ribleza

I can’t thank you enough for your persistence, diligence and fantastic customer support. We truly appreciate all you have done and continue to do for us.
Please forward this to your supervisor so that he/she knows of your exceptional capabilities.
Thanks again,
engineering & planning company

Costa Mesa, CA –  Alfonso Yescas

Good morning Alfonso.  Thank you VERY much for all your help last week.  According to Bob and Jim, the interview went well and the boards guided the discussion. 🙂
Thank you,
global engineering firm 

New York, NY – Greg McNeil

Thank you so much for your help with the paper rolls [for our school charity project]. They helped us transport the ceiling element to the site. Thank you all for being proactive on this. Looking forward to future projects.
global design firm

London, UK – John Perrot & Team

Hi Jonathan,
Just want to confirm that Graham has been in and done a fab job with the column graphics – so good to have a workman who takes pride in his work.  Client is happy (finally) – so thank you v. much for your help.
Have a good weekend!
Kind regards
global marketing services 

San Francisco – Ray Chapman

Thanks Ray! I am very pleased with my experience working with ARC.
Have a great day!
design firm

London, UK –  John Perrott and Team

Just a quick thank you, the coffee cup holders looked fantastic.  Thanks for all the effort from everyone!
power station development company

Costa Mesa, CA – Phil Bojorquez

Thanks again for guiding me through this last-minute request.  Everyone there has went above and beyond to get prints to me at such a tight deadline. Customer service #1!
Thank you,

Costa Mesa, CA – Susan Beckmann & Color Team

Thank you! I was at OCMA installing on Friday 4/14, the day the prints were delivered. They look great.  We are very happy with the material and the print quality.
art museum

London, UK – Iain Fraser

Look amazing! Please thank the team down at the arches for delivering it in super fast time☺ The stock is brilliant too!
international design firm

Chicago, IL – RIOT Color Team

hi guys!
we received the books and they are GORGEOUS!
thank you so much for finishing them early!  everyone is very impressed!
thank you!

Hartford, CT – Jamie Fox

Good Morning!
So I ordered the ink and paper and it took you 1 1/2 hours to deliver it, what are you guys slackers? Just kidding, that was super speedy, thank you, you guys are the best!

Portland, OR – Portland Color Team

Hey Jason!
We are having a vendor appreciation BBQ on May 12th and we would love for you guys to attend! Let me know how many people from your office can make it. The details are below!
The company would like to invite you to come join us for a BBQ in appreciation of you – our trade partners!
national homebuilder

Mobile, AL – Color Team

I think I forgot to share how these [large color displays of muscians] turned out.
Was a big hit.
I put fake diamonds in Elvis’s eyes so they twinkled when you walked by. LOL
architecture firm

New York, NY –  Greg McNeil

Hey Greg,
We just wanted to say thank you so much!
All the best,
global design firm

Reston, VA – Decker Tapscott & Team

Decker Tapscott must have wings on his feet as it was MINUTES from my copier toner request to his QUICK FIX. Give this man a raise!  We need more like him.
defense company

San Diego, CA – Kelly Wintermote & Team

Kelly, I apologize for not sending this sooner. You and your staff are great to work with and I wish to thank you for jobs well done.
I have the Building Permit and now the construction starts. I had a Team meeting yesterday and told my consultants that I have an account with ARC and would prefer they use it for their construction administration.
Once again, thank you
real estate investment trust

Costa Mesa, CA – Color Team

Hey Kelly,
I just received all the books today. I just wanted to let you know that the books came out great!! Better than I had imagined.
I appreciate all the help with this order.
Thanks again!!
transportation engineering & construction firm

Aurora, CO – Production Team

Holy cow, I sent a request for drawings & went to the bathroom, come back, the drawings are on my desk. That’s Jimmie John fast!!!!!
Good job guys,
construction company

London, UK – John Perrott & Team

Hi John a million thanks your team was so responsive and amazing.
I haven’t seen the delivered reports, just asked my colleagues to let me know how they turned out.
business commission

Tampa, FL – Dino Jimenez

Awesome customer service!
department of transportation

Costa Mesa, CA – Construction Printing Team

I know you will do your very fine job as you always do.  You guys are the best!
engineering & construction firm

Seattle, WA – Chris Markel

Hey Chris,
Just wanted to extend a big thank you to you and your team for executing a fast, awesome window display and dealing super quickly with the broken image! I really appreciate your agility especially given the quick turn around – the window and decal look so great!
With that, we have another campaign coming up that will go live on Monday, May 15th. I want to get the conversation started now so we have enough time to plan and prep…Thanks again and looking forward to working together again,
global retailer

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