Soft Signage: Four Applications of ARC’s Fabric Prints

Delphine Wilson| January 16, 2020

Soft Signage

Many of the graphics and prints you have used in trade shows, conferences, offices, or retail displays can be reinvented on fabric and yield amazing results.

That, of course, is thanks to ARC’s top-of-the-line printers and a team of production experts distributed conveniently around the world in each of our 190+ locations.

If you’re serious about printing smart, you’re likely wondering exactly what our fabric printers can do, so this post will review four applications of fabric prints that ARC can create for you.


Trade Shows

To win the intense competition for attention at trade shows, your banners, flags, tents, graphics, and more need to stand out. Fabric prints and backdrops can improve nearly every element of your trade show display, making it look and feel far better than competitors.

Plus, because fabric prints are lighter and more pliable than traditional printed graphics, they can be packaged and shipped inexpensively with less damage, and are generally wrinkle-free…perfect for trade show warriors.



Whether your conference requires podium wraps, table throws, SEG frames, or all of the above, ARC can make it happen on fabric.  Fabric prints are great for conferences in many of the same ways they are for trade shows. That is, they retain their quality even when they’re installed, taken down, shipped, and installed again, ad infinitum.

And of course, they provide a unique visual display with which you can more effectively tell your story or communicate a message.



An increasing number of organizations are realizing the importance of establishing and maintaining an engaging office environment. But the cost of office redesign projects can quickly escalate…and that’s where fabric prints come in.

In addition to their unique look and feel, fabric prints are easier to remove, replace, and reuse than traditional graphics on more rigid substrates. So in addition to being more affordable to install, fabric prints are easy to swap out, making office refreshes far more cost-effective.


Retail Displays

To stand out among brick-and-mortar competitors and compel online shoppers to visit their stores, retailers face a tough task. But fabric prints can help retailers build the kind of experiences that simply can’t be created on a website or app.

Fabric prints look great and add dimension to your retail experience on backdrops, hanging banners, backlit displays, and more. And with ARC’s team of fabric print experts on hand, you can rest assured that your graphics will be produced true to their concept.


Exploring Fabric Print? Heed this Advice

 As you explore fabric print applications, it’s important to keep in mind that producing fabric prints requires special expertise and training. And because fabric printers are so expensive, it’s common for print providers to outsource their fabric print jobs. This can lead to poor results because the outsourced company may not have the right equipment or the technical expertise to deliver the quality print you need.

Thanks to our decades of print experience and commitment to ongoing training, every fabric print we produce is made using the latest printers and durable materials. To learn more about ordering your next fabric print, call us at 855-500-0660 or visit us today.

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