The Concern with Cloud Security: Part 1

David Stickney| April 17, 2021

Cloud Security- Concern, Worries & Future!

Cloud computing is an extremely popular space in the tech world today. And we’re no longer dealing with small amounts of data. Instead, we’re sharing large documents with our teams, sharing photo albums with our friends and loved ones, and streaming videos from our phones.

With the reduced costs of flexible subscription models and the ubiquitous nature of the cloud, on-the-go customers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to access their documents.

With mobile technology and the demand to view information anywhere, anytime, it’s no surprise that customers are becoming more and more interested in transitioning to the cloud. This raises the question, why wouldn’t everyone want to be part of this new trend shaping the way we view and share content? However, despite the obvious benefits of the cloud, business executives must consider security concerns before adoption.

The burning question on the minds of IT execs and cloud analysts alike is, “How secure is my data?” Whether it’s proposals, contracts, or confidential documents, it’s critical that their data does not end up in the wrong hands.

A company’s intellectual property, whether originating from a CEO or a design intern, needs to be securely managed, without the fear of any outsiders encroaching on their information. Fortunately, the right cloud offering can help reduce the majority of these security risks.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while choosing the right cloud provider for your company:

  1. Is the cloud provider’s infrastructure physically secure?
  2. Is the data encrypted?
  3. Are the files user protected and the accounts password protected?

Answering these questions allows you to make an informed decision when considering a secure host for your data and should be the first step to get your company flying high into the exciting world of cloud computing.

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