Want to Simplify Your Back Office? 5 Ways the New SKYSITE Forms Can Help

Kevin Letham| March 9, 2020

5 Ways the New SKYSITE Forms Can Help

As part of our ongoing efforts to make your organization more productive, we’re excited to announce a new feature called SKYSITE Forms.

SKYSITE Forms enables you to import any PDF form, fill it out, and submit it through a workflow. 

Even better, the workflow itself can be informed by your form inputs. So, depending on the nature of your form, you can trigger a variety of different workflows. 

To give you a more concrete idea of what you can accomplish with ARC SKYSITE Forms, here are 5 real-life use cases our customers have already found.


  • Collecting Expense Information from Employees

Collecting expense info for reimbursement is a notoriously bad experience for employees and finance teams. Even worse, there’s also the risk of fraud to deal with. 

A firm that we worked with was facing this common problem. They needed a way for employees to enter expenses into a form, along with a photo of their receipt. From there, the information went to a manager for approval. Once the expense was approved, it then needed to be reimbursed.

SKYSITE Forms simplified this entire process by providing a single place for users to upload and share information. Plus, since SKYSITE is cloud-based, employees could use the forms on the go, on any device.


  • Distributing Documents and Gathering Signatures

Another instance in which SKYSITE Forms simplified back-office tasks was with a condo association in Miami. 

The association needed a secure way to share its Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CCRs) with new and prospective residents. They also needed to enable those residents to sign and return the documents.

SKYSITE Forms made it possible for the association to distribute their document electronically, gather signatures, and prove receipt.


  • Consolidating Labor Information from Subcontractors

Whether it’s the beginning, middle or end of the project, general contractors face the unenviable task of collecting information from many different subcontractors. 

This task is complicated even further by the nature of the information. Each subcontractor may submit information slightly differently, which creates admin hassles. SKYSITE Forms can simplify this information collection process with its customizable forms and cloud-based storage.

Plus, instead of relying on subs to submit info however they like, GCs can control document submission and avoid unnecessary admin work.


  • Centralizing Timesheet Information from Remote Teams

As the nature of work becomes more flexible and mobile, we need tools that are equally flexible and mobile-friendly. 

A case in point is one of our customers, a business with teams spread throughout the country. The organization was struggling to obtain timesheet info in an orderly way from their remote teams. As a result, there were unnecessary delays getting reimbursement from clients.

SKYSITE Forms allowed the remote teams to submit hours in real-time through their cell phones or tablets. As a result, the organization could collect timesheet information and monitor hours on a project in real-time. 


  • Tracking Hours for Individual Employees

Even for organizations without remote teams, granular tracking of work hours requires far more admin work than it’s worth. Yet, precise information on individual employees’ and contractors’ work hours can uncover operational insights.

So when we introduced SKYSITE Forms to a school district that needed to track work hours for each of their facilities engineers, they immediately saw the value. In addition to tracking hours, the school district could use the geographic pins available in SKYSITE to provide location information in their facilities information.


5 Ways the New SKYSITE Forms Can Help – If you’d like to find out how SKYSITE Forms can simplify your back office, learn more here.

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