What are the Benefits of Investing in Flyer Marketing?

Delphine Wilson| September 30, 2021

Flyer marketing remains one of the most versatile and cost-effective business strategies out there. Basically, this single-page printing asset is distributed around anywhere to spread awareness about your business. It can be announcing a promotion, an event, or even a grand opening of your shop! Even with the effectiveness of digital marketing, flyer marketing still increases your sales if you get them right. You can reach out better to certain groups of customers with some good ol’ fashioned paper.


That said, let’s delve into the top-8 benefits of flyers.

ARC digital printing services - flyer marketing
ARC digital printing services

Flyers are inexpensive

Flyer printing does not need a huge budget as flyers can be produced in large quantities. You can also go for premium flyers that are more high quality, such as adding an extra lamination on your flyers to make them last longer. Plus, ordering in bulk would mean that you can make plenty of promotions without overspending for quite a while! 


Flyers can be easily produced

Most marketing plans take a long time to be fully prepared and organized. However, flyers can simply and quickly be printed, packaged, launched, and then distributed around within a day. Just be sure that your flyers are prepared professionally and everything else after that will be a smooth ride.


Flyers give your business a physical presence

Flyers are something people can touch and feel. Their tangibility gives your customers a physical presence rather than the online presence of digital marketing. People tend to remember companies better when they have a piece of marketing material in their hands. 


Flyers are perfect for store opening

If you have a new store opening planned, the first thing you should do is to get local customers to visit your new store. This is where flyers can do the job for you, you can choose to hand out flyers through the streets, housing area or vehicles to tell the locals that you have a new shop opened nearby. With the help of flyers, you can easily introduce yourself to potential customers.


Flyers can reach out to more people

There are plenty of online advertisements out there and some people simply get tired of it, on the other hand, flyers can have a much more welcoming approach. Consider this, most people would very much prefer to receive a personal letter than a bunch of emails. Furthermore, people are also more likely to keep a flyer and refer to it at a later time, when your services are needed. Plus, you can even reach out to people that are not internet savvy! 


Flyers are very useful in events

During events where information sharing is essential, a flyer would be a must compared to a lengthy document. Whenever someone goes by your booth, for example, the flyer can be the perfect asset to be used as a reference point. That way, your salesperson can explain the details easier while your potential customers are able to get a grasp of your business easier as well. In addition, the flyers can also be handed out before the event to get people to show up at your venue. 


Flyers make great canvases

Finally, be as creative as you want on flyers!  They’re also design-friendly without too many restrictions. There are lots of free templates to choose from, online. You can also include a tearable voucher! These two marketing tools would make a great combo to boost up your business.


In a nutshell

Businesses shouldtake advantage of flyers to spread awareness. If you are already convinced and want to have print flyers and get them delivered, we can help you. We offer convenient and affordable mass printing customization services that include flyers, brochures, and other products for companies and organizations of all sizes.


Written by Gogoprint, an online printing startup in Southeast Asia, with operations in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Gogoprint offers convenient and affordable mass printing customization services such as name cards, flyers, brochures, and other products for companies and organizations of all sizes.


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