Why Hoteliers Need an Enterprise-Level Experiential Graphics Provider

Delphine Wilson| November 6, 2019

Experiential Graphics

Hotel owners, designers, and marketing teams tasked with establishing and maintaining a steady flow of guests face challenges from all sides. 

Technology and generational shifts are changing customer expectations and creating intense competition from app-based hospitality companies like Airbnb. Construction costs are rising and the supply of quality labor is growing ever smaller. 

Having worked with PMs, construction managers, interior designers, and in-house marketing teams in the multi-billion-dollar hotel construction industry, we’ve seen up close what works and what doesn’t as it relates to combating the economic pressures this industry faces.

One of the things that work is partnering with an enterprise-level experiential graphics provider. (Unfamiliar with experiential graphics? Find out more about them in this post.)

Fighting Airbnb and VRBO with Experiential Graphics at Scale

Besides price, app-based hospitality differentiates itself as a unique experience. When you book, for example, an Airbnb, you’re more connected to the community in which you’re staying. Rather than a monolithic box of stacked hotel rooms, you’re treated to interesting, local people that many visitors will want to share stories about or pictures of with their friends on social media. 

That local experience is tougher to create within the corporate structure of a larger brand such as Hilton. 

But with a single-source provider of experiential graphics, you have a new tool. When executed well, experiential graphics can help you create those Instagrammable moments that visitors crave. The top hotels spend millions in renovations each year because keeping your hotel updated and modern is mandatory if you want to ensure that customers keep coming back.

Scaling the Experience

Of course, it’s one thing to say that experiential graphics can create the kind of experience that outcompetes Airbnb. But it’s another to put it into action when you’ve got thousands of rooms (or more) spread out across hundreds of hotels in various states throughout the country.

And that’s exactly where you’ll find a big chunk of the value that a single-source provider like ARC provides. 

With more than 190 locations throughout the United States, hotel chains of any size can execute the experiential graphic design and redesign projects quickly and efficiently. This vast network reduces or eliminates shipping costs and brings consistent quality and execution through one partner. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that ARC’s long history within the AEC industry means hotel owners and their marketing teams can always rely on value-engineered, timely solutions. After all, your graphics should be capable of changing as quickly as your customers’ expectations do.

Experiential Graphics for Hospitality, and Much More

Creating incredible, connected visual experiences in your hotel sounds great… in theory. But with ever-rising costs and always-tightening labor supplies, you need partners that are focused on execution, not theory.

ARC’s broad capabilities, from digital storefronts and lobby sign and restaurant menu production to small and large format graphics, wall coverings, and more, ensure that you’ll find what you need to compete and win in the hospitality industry. To learn more about ARC, feel free to browse our services.

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