Modern and Well-maintained Campus Facilities Influence Higher Education Campus Enrollments

April 4, 2018 Esther Carlson

Challenges to Continuous Higher Education Facility Optimization The competitive environment in the higher ...


When Catastrophes Strike Facilities: Frequency, Costs, Risk Mitigation

March 29, 2018 Todd Moore

This article was originally published on Facility teams that manage 20 or more ...


4 Facility Management Software Acronyms… What They Actually Mean

March 22, 2018 Todd Moore

Ever set out to buy facility management software only to end up lost in a sea of vague acronyms? If so, ...


5 Facility Management App Categories and What They Mean to You

March 13, 2018 Jake Young

Today’s go-to toolbox of facility managers is a smartphone… and the tools inside are mobile apps, ...


ARC Document Solutions Initiates Women’s Network to Foster Professional Growth and Facilitate Leadership

March 7, 2018 Jessica Gopalakrishnan

Company-wide program to offer educational workshops, networking and mentoring opportunities to develop ...


What Fast-tracking NFPA 3000 Means for a Facility’s Active Shooter Plan

March 1, 2018 David Trask

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has decided to fast-track NFPA 3000, which is the Standard ...


Ready to Roll in March: NFMT and IFMA Facility Fusion

February 27, 2018 David Trask

March is set to be a busy month for facility management conferences. Both the International Facilities ...


Custom Office Wall Graphics Light Up Denver Sales Center

February 20, 2018 Andrew Giraldo

In early January, the walls of ARC’s Velocity Sales Center in downtown Denver underwent a radical redesign. ...


Nailing the Rose Bowl Look with Stadium Signage and Graphics

February 15, 2018 Andrew Giraldo

On January 1st, the Georgia Bulldogs needed double overtime to take down the Oklahoma Sooners. It was ...

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