Florida Hospital Makes Improvements Beyond Digital Storage With Mobile Facilities Dashboards

November 16, 2018 Jake Young

As the Director of Facilities Management at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel (FHWC), John Couch’s customer-centric ...


Why Your Hospital’s Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Needs an FM’s Perspective

November 9, 2018 Jake Young

In the aftermath of 9/11, the Joint Commission introduced—among other significant changes to its emergency ...


Identify and Plug Security Leaks in Your Print and Imaging Network

November 8, 2018 Kelly Mitchell

In today’s business environment, the financial, legal and reputational implications of a data loss ...


Inspiring Ideas: Festive Holiday Graphics for the Office or Retail Stores

November 2, 2018 Andrew Giraldo

The 2019 holiday season is fast-approaching. Planning and preparation will not be complete until you ...


4 Creepy Skeletons Lurking in Your Plan Room or Job Site Trailer

October 31, 2018 Esther Carlson

In dark, dingy plan rooms creeps and creatures hide among heaps of building features traced on paper ...


Four Key Takeaways from Command Solutions’ Emergency Management Webcast

October 25, 2018 David Trask

Emergency Planning: Command Solutions’ Expert Advice Dozens of finely tuned cogs and gears turn the ...


ARC Emergency Mobile Facilities Dashboards Win 2018 Campus Safety BEST Award

October 22, 2018 Jessica Gopalakrishnan

We are delighted to announce Campus Safety Magazine has awarded us with a Campus Safety BEST Award in ...


Riot Makes a Colorful Splash at The Oklahoma Aquarium

October 19, 2018 Andrew Giraldo

The Oklahoma Aquarium celebrated its 15-year anniversary with more than a few splashes of color at its ...


New ARC Headquarters Workspace Inspires Creativity and Collaboration

October 9, 2018 David Stickney

During its nearly 30 years of operations, ARC Document Solutions has grown into the leading print services ...

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