The Challenge of Succession Planning: What Facility Managers Can Learn From the Nuclear Industry

June 21, 2018 Brian Bailard

Facility managers face a demographic challenge that will only get worse in the coming years - an aging ...


New Facility Management Tool: Interactive, Online Calculator Quantifies Cost Savings from Using Mobile Facilities Dashbo

June 15, 2018 David Villarina

In a mobile-centric era and a “do more with less” directive for facility managers to be more efficient ...


ARC Earns International Information Security Certification (ISO/IEC)

June 8, 2018 David Stickney

Many technological achievements have special significance only to the few who truly understand them; ...


$1-Billion Mall Renovation Includes Exterior Graphics That Take Center Stage

June 6, 2018 Andrew Giraldo

The grand re-opening of Westfield Century City mall attracted droves of fans to see Joe Jonas and his ...


Why the time is now for a mobile facility information technology revolution

June 5, 2018 Jessica Gopalakrishnan

This article was originally published on The mHealth movement is transforming ...


Responsiveness is Everything: Having Data Where You Need It When You Need It

May 31, 2018 Jessica Gopalakrishnan

This article was originally published on Last year in 2017, the United States was ...


5 Reasons General Contractors Should Outsource Their Document Control

May 30, 2018 Bob Thomas

General contractors and their teams, if nothing else, are masters of outsourcing. Yet most of them still ...


Campus Safety Magazine to Feature Gary L. Sigrist Jr. in “The Five Layers of School Safety” Webcast

May 22, 2018 Jennifer Boydon

Following an outcry for government action to improve school safety, lawmakers have provided millions ...


Where to Find Public and Private Funds to Boost Your Facilities Tech Budget

May 18, 2018 David Trask

Through our experience with facilities and operations teams around the nation, we have learned that many ...

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