The Future of the Jobsite Is Hyperlinking

Founded with a commitment to integrity and ethical values, Exxel Pacific has become a leader in commercial construction throughout the west coast. The firm is known for building high quality mixed-use residential and commercial structures, schools, churches, and multi-family high-rises.

They’re uniquely dedicated to projects not only from preconstruction through completion, but also in the relationship they build with architects, owners, and team members.

A Collaborative Approach
The complexity of projects these days demands strong collaboration. This teamwork requires contractors to effectively compile the information they receive from owners and architects, and distribute it to the subcontractors.

The key to this process is getting the right information to subcontractors as quickly as possible, which means keeping up-to-date as-built drawings onsite. Exxel found that paper plans slowed the team down in this respect.

The Speed of Paper
How fast does paper move? For Exxel Pacific’s field operations and quality control manager, Matt Stodola, not fast enough.

“Using paper in the past has usually put a 1 to 2-week delay on a project, so guys in the field could be building off old information when the thing that they are working on has changed.”

The traditional paper method for drawing changes and distribution is a sluggish procedure that wastes time and money.

The Speed of Hyperlinking
After researching several ways to pull all their construction information together, Exxel decided that hyperlinking their drawings would be the best solution.

Hyperlinking technology allows contractors to navigate between documents, from RFIs to ASIs, with a tap or a click on their mobile device or desktop. Hyperlinking allowed Exxel to avoid using up valuable man hours stamping and updating paper sets of drawings. For Stodola the advantages have been undeniable:

“The introduction of hyperlinking has sped up operations and document delivery to our jobsites and subcontractors, making sure the latest and greatest information is available to everyone on site.”

Construction Grade Collaboration
A major advantage that hyperlinking gave Exxel was the ability to store information in a single place where all subcontractors and architects can access and share documents. This means one important thing: increased collaboration.

“We’re all up to speed with the exact same thing. And can speak to immediate issues and current updates. Bringing in the design team we can solve problems and hyperlinking has definitely helped that process,” said Stodola.

Exxel Grade Hyperlinking
While hyperlinking isn’t new, the technology is revolutionizing the way contractors work. ARC’s decades of experience in the industry were perfectly suited for the Exxel specific standards that the firm required. Because Exxel Pacific works in a way that optimizes quality and teamwork they needed a more specialized solution.