The GC’s Challenge: Connecting Remote Project Teams

Bateman-Hall in Idaho Falls, ID is a leading general contractor and construction management company with over 30 years of experience. Their impressive customer list includes some well-known companies like Associated Foods, Albertson’s, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.

Bateman-Hall was recently awarded the General Contractor role for the new building and site work for the 275,000-square foot Rigby High School. Over 35 suppliers and sub-contractors would be involved in the two-year project.

With any large project, getting everyone on the project on the same page is a challenge for every GC. Partners were spread out. One architectural firm was local, and one was in Utah. And the various subs and suppliers were all over the map.

Bateman-Hall managers looked for a powerful but simple-to-use cloud collaboration tool to help manage the job and found ARC Projects.

ARC Projects is an easy-to-use cloud collaboration application which accelerates AEC project team coordination. With an intuitive interface and powerful features like Outlook integration and file check in/checkout, Project Managers easily share documents, increase team accountability, and reduce project delays.

After just three months of use, the benefits of ARC Projects are already being realized. The entire project team is using the application.

Having used collaboration software in the past, Bateman-Hall’s project managers were aware of the issues involving difficult-to-learn and overly complex applications.

Pam Powell, Estimator and Project Administrator for Bateman-Hall, says, “ARC Projects is simple. Even natural. We needed to become faster in dealing with change orders and team collaboration on a project this large. ARC Projects fits the bill because it makes tasks so much easier to track and manage. And working within Outlook means I’m not constantly switching applications and logging in and out.”

Project team adoption of collaboration packages can also hinder project managers on large projects. Pam points out that the “amazing support the local ARC team gave us helped so much. The ARC team in Boise has been awesome. They answer questions about ARC Projects immediately and even pick up the phone if subs or suppliers have questions. They even sent out a customer support rep to run training classes for the various subs on the project.”