Design and Construction Technology

Design and Construction Productivity Suite

Designed to meet your needs from site-mapping to closeout. Everything you need and anywhere you need it, available through a single-source provider.

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Design and Construction Technology Report

Explore the key technology obstacles that impact productivity and actionable insights to improve results.

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design and construction technology report

Transform Design and Construction Productivity

See how ARC’s Productivity Suite of tools and technology helps design and construction firms improve project performance.

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Your projects are happening in real-time, and your collaboration tools need to keep up

Ease of Use

The Productivity Suite was built with the guidance of design and construction professionals. Step into one or more of our solutions with ease and start improving project performance.

Fast Deployment

We build our solutions with end-user adoption as a priority. Clients quickly benefit from our rapid deployments that take hours and days – not months.

Actionable Project Intelligence

When specific project information is combined and analyzed, your connected data becomes richer – informing you on proactive steps you can take to mitigate cost overruns, delays and risks.

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ARC Design and Construction Technology Overview

Tap into ARC’s full range of complementary solutions and cloud technology to optimize project performance.

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Improve project performance

The ARC Productivity Suite is a robust project toolkit that is:


Use these tools and services – standalone or combined – on one job or many – to multiply the impact on your projects.


This single-source of resources seamlessly enhances your project workflows and fills the gaps.


Improve performance at every stage of the project lifecycle with increased Intelligence - driving smarter decisions.

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