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The Magic of Freestanding and Mobile Digital Displays

Spark the imagination of your customers and prospects with stunning Freestanding Digital Displays that showcase rotating messages and beautiful images. Our Digital Signage Solutions come in a wide range of sizes (from 43" to 98") and categories, including Mobile Digital Displays that can be easily moved around your stores, and window displays that can withstand direct sunlight while maintaining high contrast.

These digital signages are ideal solutions for retail stores, shopping malls, airports, restaurants, corporate offices, and more.

Transform your space and captivate your audience with our innovative digital displays!

Create immersive experiences for your audiences with digital signage!

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The Essential Role of Digital Display Solutions

ARC's digital signage solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses present their brand, promotions, and information. With an impressive range of sizes and types, these digital displays offer unparalleled clarity and versatility, making them perfect for retail stores, shopping malls, airports, restaurants, and corporate offices. By integrating cutting-edge technology, ARC provides dynamic and engaging ways to capture the attention of customers and prospects alike.

Applications and Benefits

Quick Service Restaurants

Digital signages revolutionize menu boards, offering a platform for high-resolution images, real-time updates, and promotional content that entices customers and drives sales.

Retail Spaces

In retail, digital displays serve as powerful tools for product promotion, providing customers with immersive experiences and detailed product information at a glance.

Corporate Communication

In corporate settings, digital signages facilitate effective communication, showcasing company news, performance metrics, and announcements in real-time.

Education and Training

Educational institutions leverage digital signages to enhance learning, displaying interactive content, educational videos, and live feeds to enrich the educational experience.


In healthcare facilities, digital signages play a crucial role in wayfinding, patient communication, and displaying vital health information.

Public Spaces

Digital displays transform public spaces into hubs of information and engagement, showcasing news, advertisements, and public service announcements.

Digital signages and content management

The Multifaceted Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Captivate your audience with stunning visuals and interactive content.
  • Brand Promotion: Elevate your brand presence with dynamic and customizable display options.
  • Efficient Content Management: Update promotions, menus, and information with ease, ensuring relevance and timeliness.
Digital Display Solutions

Complete solution with one platform controlling it all!

Easily control and distribute your content from one platform ensuring your brand is consistently represented throughout your network of locations and that the latest offers and promotion are timely published

Digital Display Solutions
Complete solution with one platform

Showoff your products with fun, colorful and easy to update images!

Perfect for:

  • QSR & fast food
  • Retailers & shopping malls
  • Corporate lobbies
  • Casinos & hotels
  • Airports
  • Car dealerships
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Providing a diverse array of digital signage solutions tailored to your unique commiunication needs.

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Discover our full range of digital signages!

Discover our full range of digital signages!