Benefits of scanning HR records and having digital employee files

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Optimize your HR records system by securely
digitizing your employees' records.

Your HR teams will gain tremendous efficiency thanks to digitalized employee records.
Here are some of the main benefits to having employees' records digitized:

  1. Improve overall security and protection of confidential information
  2. Save time finding the information fast
  3. Improve process and standardization
  4. Protection against floods, fires, other natural disasters
  5. Access for all necessary information from any location
  6. Stay in compliance about how long documentation should be kept
  7. Space saving, especially the large files of long-time employees

As the largest HIPAA-compliant scanning service provider in the US, ARC will handle your sensitive information in one of our HIPAA compliant facilities, so your records are protected and processed following the strictest requirements. Our scanning experts will transform your sensitive information in digital records so you can improve HR document management.

Paper documents age terribly, on the other hand digital documents don’t have that problem. Collaboration is easy and fast as team members have access to the information based on their authorization levels. For example, HIPAA compliancy rules limit who can access specific information, digitization ensures the confidential information is kept separate.

For compliance issues, certain documents can only be kept for a set amount of time. Scanning helps us keep in compliance by setting reminders for the team to dispose of the files no longer

Overall security and protection of confidential information is also maintained. In addition, the records are protected against floods, fires, other natural disasters. Digitization makes all this so much simpler.

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Types of documents that can be scanned

  • Employee contracts
  • Social security cards & drivers licenses
  • Passports & Birth certificate
  • Medical/Insurance records
  • I-9 & W-4 forms
  • Background checks & drug tests
  • Retirement & Pension files
  • Resumes & References

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How does HR / employee records scanning work?

Here are the steps of our general process for document scanning:

  1. HR records are barcoded for inventory control and securely transported to one of our HIPAA
    compliant facilities
  2. Records are prepared for scanning
  3. Personnel documents are scanned (images captured to digital format)
  4. Scanned images are quality checked for clarity & completeness
  5. Documents are reassembled for return to customer
  6. Or original documents are prepared for destruction
  7. Scanned images are processed into final format deliverable (including file naming and folder
  8. Deliverable images are delivered to customer (via SkySite, SFTP, Thumb Drive, or CD/DVD)

Document Scanning Process

Your documents and information are safe with us. Our team of document conversion experts keeps a highly secure chain of custody as seen in the workflow below meeting the most stringent requirements. Our facilities and processes are HIPAA compliant.


Barcode all boxes
and documents


Inventory and secure
seal documents at
customers sites


Secure transport
of documents to
HIPAA center


Inventory & confirm sealed boxes at
HIPAA center


Secured and
surveilled storage


Prepare documents in
secure environment


Scan documents, data
encrypted at rest


Document indexing and
data normalization


quality review


Image processing
and OCR


Image and data migration,
encrypted at all times




Secure transport of
documents, return to


Document destruction
at HIPAA center

Trust us with your sensitive information. Easy to say but we can prove we are up to the task…

We have 6 document scanning super centers certified for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy thanks to our System and Organization Controls (SOC) certifications.

  • SOC/2 for our methodology, and
  • SOC/3 for the way our systems work to keep documents safe.

In conclusion, your data will be safe and secure with us. We can handle your most sensitive documents

Stay protected with a HIPAA compliant solution

Avoid Risk

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) penalties can be enforced against entities found to be non-compliant resulting in hefty fines, potential legal action and poor publicity for your organization.

Safe And Secure

Having access to documents that contain PHI and PII means your organization must follow strict procedures to protect that information. Leverage ARC's HIPAA compliant service centers and cloud platform to meet these requirements.

Protect Your PHI

Maintaining data privacy is a HIPAA requirement. Secure your documents that contain PHI and PII with the appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards that ensure confidentiality, maintain the integrity of your sensitive data, and prevent loss or breach.

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