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640 N. LaSalle Dr, Suite 240
Chicago, IL 60654
United States

Phone: (312) 372-8600
Fax: (312) 337-2810


ARC Repro: Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM; RIOT Color: Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM


B&W Repro: Jack Stephensen; Color Dept.: Greg Duncan

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5.0 /5

Based on 16 Reviews

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Customer reviews

5 /5
Eva Gerbac 2017-08-17

I would rate them a 5 +. The team at ARC are always courteous, resourceful, prompt and deliver on requested time and date. Would recommend them to all you needs the services they provide.

Team ARC

Thanks, Eva, for your 5+ rating! We are glad to be able to provide you with fast, friendly, quality service for every project. You can always count on ARC!

5 /5
Cathy Rizzo 2017-08-14

Always prompt and courteous service. I would and do recommend them to everyone who needs printing services!

Team ARC

Thanks, Cathy! We appreciate your positive review and recommendation of ARC! We will keep up the great work!

5 /5
anonymous 2017-08-05

these guys are amazing! they have fulfilled my crazy last minute requests consistently. as an architect we are always working to the last minute and we forget to leave time for printing...well these are your guys. they will have prints ready quickly. and they can have prints ready and delivered to the burbs efficiently.

Team ARC

Thank you! We understand the needs of architects and you can count on ARC to move as fast as you need us to in order to get your prints ready and delivered on time! Please come back again!

5 /5
Todd Kludy @ HOK, Kansas City. 2017-07-21

Best service as always. These folks are great. Todd

Team ARC

Thank you, Todd! You make our day!

5 /5
Maria 2017-07-17

Great service. Very timely.

Team ARC

Thanks for the five stars Maria. We appreciate your business!

5 /5
Laura Jordan - ARC Cincinnati 2017-07-12

I send orders to our Chicago location all the time and most are on a tight turn. Our Chicago location is a joy to work with and always meet the deadlines that are set by our clients here in Cincinnati. I just wanted to make sure the entire Chicago team knows that they are appreciated for their dedication and hard work.

Team ARC

Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate your business and the positive review!

5 /5
Katy 2017-06-29

Great customer service at ARC, always quick to reply. I am never worried about getting my documents on time with ARC

5 /5
Alina 2017-06-22

Great service every time.

5 /5
Michele Brown , SmithBucklin 2017-05-30

I have worked with Greg Duncan for over three years and couldn't be more pleased with his level of service. His response time is great and his overall customer service is outstanding! All of my projects are completed on time and without issue. Thank you!!

5 /5
Louis Brandt, Stay-Straight Mfg. 2017-05-17

While Jack is the only person there that I'm on a first name basis with, everyone I have had the chance to work with at ARC has been completely professional and reliable. Good work!

5 /5
K. Villalobos 2017-05-12

Jack is the perfect example of quality customer service -- thanks, Jack! Your knowledge and understanding of our business needs make my job easier. I love doing business with you!

Team ARC

We love doing business with you too! Thanks for the kind words.

5 /5
S. Clement 2017-05-10

Always a same-day turnaround. Fast, accurate and friendly!

Team ARC

Thanks for the positive feedback! We appreciate your business.

5 /5
Jennifer Patterson, AECOM Tishman 2017-05-09

The ultimate professionals! Always friendly, fast, Courteous.

Team ARC

Great to hear. Thanks for the positive feedback, Jennifer!

5 /5
Pam Willier @ GGP 2017-05-09

Highly recommend. Always friendly and fast!

Team ARC

Thanks for the recommendation, Pam! We appreciate your business.

5 /5
Todd Kludy @ HOK, Kansas City. 2017-04-21

Always a pleasure to work with! Deadlines always met, product always right and the service is exceptional.

Team ARC

Providing exceptional service is a top priority for us. Thanks for the positive feedback, Todd!

5 /5
Domenella Architects 2017-02-27

Printing with ARC has been consistent, fast, and high quality. Our orders are always on time and when there is a mistake customer service is there ASAP. ARC comes highly recommended for large scale drawing and rendering printing.

Team ARC

We’re always striving for perfect, but whenever it’s not, we’ll be there to make it right! Thanks for the stars!

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