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David Lieban

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5.0 /5

Based on 13 Reviews

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Customer reviews

5 /5
Joji Sayo 2017-06-03

Great customer service and professionalism.

Team ARC

Thank you Joji We have a great team in our Concord office.

5 /5
Georgette Stewart 2017-05-23

I have worked with many reprographic service providers over the past 30 years and the ARC Pacheco team have always delivered Exceptional service. Great guys all of them!

Team ARC

Thanks for the feedback Georgette! We appreciate your business.

5 /5
Stacey Dyke 2017-05-17

Victor has been a godsend working with me to not only meet tight deadlines and assist me with a difficult client who is always last-minute, but also to help me communicate with other locations. If the shop is out of anything or unable to meet any of my specifications, he comes to me with options and we figure out a solution together. On a few occasions I have used the San Rafael location and he has stepped in to interpret my instructions to them and help them to meet my needs with their limited resources. I have gone to ARC for many years in SF and Oakland and have been very pleased with the results, but I have not had the same level of quality customer service as I've received from Victor.

Team ARC

Thanks much for the feedback Stacy. We truly appreciate your business.

5 /5
Jeana Davidson 2017-05-11

I am an Association Manager and frequently have large documents that need to be printed quickly. ARC does a great job each and every time I send them a document to be printed. No matter how short the notice, they have the print job ready for me to pick up the next morning. The group at ARC is always quick friendly, efficient and AWESOME!

Team ARC

You're awesome too Jeana! Thanks for the great review.

5 /5
JorJa J Bennett 2017-05-09

I am a designer with Vince's Landscaping Inc. I spend a fair amount of time at printing shops. It used to be at Fedex, where I would basically be stuck there for hours trying to figure out the right line weight and paper size, or just trying to get someone to help me with the machine which always seemed to go down for one reason or another. Not sure who recommended ARC to us, but they are awesome! Professional, quick, and they do it all for you! No fuss on your end. No trying to learn a new machine. And no waste of time. They are quick, efficient, and friendly. Will definitely be using them from now on!

Team ARC

Great to hear! We look forward to working with you more in the future.

5 /5
Gregory Brader 2017-05-06

The entire team here does an outstanding job for us and we are very pleased to recommend them. Excellent custom service (which is rare these days!) Thanks you guys.

Team ARC

Thanks much for the recommendation, Gregory!

5 /5
Karena Aguilar 2017-05-04

Great customer service, fast turn around times, great prices, staff is always friendly and courteous, I always recommend ARC to anyone or everyone who is in need of a printing service. Goes above and beyond expectations.

Team ARC

Thanks much for the recommendations, Karena! We appreciate your business.

5 /5
Christin O'Leary 2017-05-04

ARC Pacheco is always dependable, timely and they provide superb customer service. I would recommend them above all others!

Team ARC

Thanks much for the recommendation! We appreciate your business.

5 /5
Lelonnie Espinoza 2017-05-04

I have worked with a couple different ARC centers depending on the location of need and each location has provided excellent customer service, prompt communication on items needing clarification, and speedy turn-around times!

Team ARC

Thanks for letting us know our locations have been consistent, Lelonnie. We appreciate your feedback.

5 /5
Joanne Boche - RBA 2017-05-03

We can always count on the great team at ARC to complete our projects with accuracy and timeliness. When faced with an urgent deadline, we can rely on ARC to get the job done for us.

Team ARC

We pride ourselves on doing what it takes to get the job. Thanks Joanne!

5 /5
Julie Nebozuk 2017-05-03

ARC has done a great job with getting our printing to us quickly and keeping our plan room updated. Awesome customer service as well.

Team ARC

Thanks for the kind words, Julie!

5 /5
Dirk Thompson 2017-05-03

I have been very impressed with ARC, the turn-around times are quick and the jobs are always handled with highest quality and care!

Team ARC

We work hard to produce the highest quality work. Thanks Dirk!

5 /5
Loretta Masnada 2017-05-03

ARC always gets completed projects to us very quickly. If our instructions are not clear, they immediately call to clarify. They also suggest different paper or a preferable way of doing something, to make our projects look better. I know I can count on ARC to do a good job in a timely manner!

Team ARC

We work hard to make your projects look great. Thanks for the positive review.

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