ARC 445 Fernhill Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Manager: Jina Lauer

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

ARC Document Solutions provides:

  • Digital printing services
  • Document scanning
  • Managed print services
  • Print equipment & supplies

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Customer reviews

5 /5

Google Reviews Oct 09,2023

David Wonderly (OpenDarkwing)

Beautiful work and same day on my order! It was a joy working with them and I will definitely be back!

5 /5

Google Reviews Aug 07,2023

Bridget O'Brien

I am a professional painter who relies on the sale of my prints for income. Highly recommend Arc and working with Erin DuBois. Her communication was extremely quick, kind, and informative—also nonjudgmental as I am completely computer illiterate. She worked to exact the highest quality prints at the most affordable price point possible for me. I’ve worked with every chain printing location in Fort Wayne and after finding Arc I won’t go back! Thank you guys!

5 /5

Google Reviews Jul 31,2023

Lori Whitman

I have been using ARC Document Solutions for our printing needs for the Global Leadership Summit for MANY years. Erin DuBois goes out of her way to make sure that our printing is done on time and with excellence. Our signs make our event pop and it wouldn't happen without them!

5 /5

ARC Document Solutions Jul 26,2023

Alice Lavka

If 5 is tops then that\'s what it is. I had talked with Erin about reproducing a very faint 100 year old picture; I\'m to say it turned fantastic. Thank you, Erin.

5 /5

ARC Document Solutions Jul 26,2023

Salee Reese

Wonderful Service. Wonderful people!

5 /5

Google Reviews Jun 27,2023

Angel Cat

I found ARC through a Google search for large-format scanning in Fort Wayne. Today was my first time contacting them. Erin was amazing! I brought in an unusual piece for scanning and printing. She was understanding and gave me a custom quote and a reasonable pickup time. Friendly and professional - and I will definitely come back. Highly recommended!!

5 /5

Google Reviews May 23,2023

Tam B

I had a piece of artwork, with phrases in it. I had requested 50 copies at the Fort Wayne Arc. I had mis-spelled a word in the piece. ERIN found the error and was able to add the missing letter perfectly and made my copies. She told me later, she had found the error. I am so thankful she found the mistake and corrected the problem. The cards were for a campaign. I would have either sent them and found the embarrasment later, or would have had to remake the art and reprint them all over again. As a courtesy, she also downloaded the corrected art on a flash drive for me, as I could not have been able to fix the artwork. Thank you so much ERIN!! And, as always the printing is always perfect and beautiful and their prices are very reasonable.

5 /5

Google Reviews Mar 03,2023

Tom Johnson

ARC is very easy to work with and supplied our needs. We order digital specifications and plans for a project, and they were sent to us in less than 24 hours. We are quite please and highly recommend ARC for your needed services.

5 /5

Google Reviews Feb 16,2023

Molly Jordan

We received prompt, professional, clear and thorough service from courteous staff (Ben, Erin and Olivia). We will definitely be using them again.

5 /5

Google Reviews Nov 22,2022

Hottie K

I have ordered signs from another company and they wore not been able to deliver in time i needed it and even do i explained how much it ment to me to get it in time they didnt really care and to me that not how bussines is done people should have more kindness in them . I have called ARC and they have delivered in no time they did amazing job and i couldnt be more thankful for the bussines done right . Being kind and carring about their customers . And another great thing is signa look amazing and quality is great as well . Awesome Flash