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844 Fairfield Ave
Kenilworth, NJ 07033
United States

Phone: (908) 241-4012
Fax: (908) 241-4121


Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Frank Todisco

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5 /5
Deb Yohannan 2017-05-16

I love working with the team at ARC in Kenilworth! They are friendly, efficient, and professional with fair pricing. They always deliver a high quality print job, and always in the annoyingly quick turnaround time I ask them for. Their communication is fantastic (I never have to say to myself "oh, I haven't heard back from ARC yet. I should follow up.") and they are a pleasure to chat with when I go in to pick up the job. I highly recommend using them!!

Team ARC

The pleasure is ours Deb. Thanks for the recommendation!

5 /5
Cory Cooke - PVH Corp 2017-05-16

I have worked with the ARC Kenilworth team for the better part of 10 years and have never had a complaint. From impeccable customer service to always getting the job done within requested timelines (or quicker) I can think of no company I would entrust with our business. Frank and his team are simply the best in the game.

Team ARC

Thanks for trusting us with your business! We take that seriously and we appreciate your business.

5 /5
Henry Zelaya - PSEG 2017-05-16

I have been working with ARC for over 5yrs now with the Kenilworth NJ office. I have asked for the world of them for our projects and they have executed each one going above and beyond. Everyone in the Kenilworth office are pleasant and very professional to work with. The communication is nothing but excellent to and from my team here and their team. I want to thank Jeff Young, Frank Todisco and the entire Kenilworth Arc Team for all their hard working efforts day in day out!

Team ARC

We agree...the Kenilworth team is awesome! We appreciate your business and the kind words.

5 /5
Heather Kern, 2017-05-16

So consistently pleased with the work from Arc. Always quality, always delivered faster than I could have hoped for, great attention to detail and wonderful customer service. I highly recommend after many, MANY years of a working relationship. They never disappoint.

Team ARC

Thanks Heather! We truly appreciate your continued business over all the years.

5 /5
Mark Elia 2017-05-09

I have been working with Arc for a while now, I always seem to give them a challenge and they always come through for me. The product is always on time no matter what I send their way or the challenges I give them. Thanks for always helping us out here at Jacobs with accuracy, Prompt and with a smile. They are all professional and super pleasant. I thank you Frank and your team.

Team ARC

Frank and the rest of the team are awesome! Thank you for your review.

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