780 5th Avenue Suite 105, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Manager: Pete Koby

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (weekends upon request)

ARC Document Solutions provides:

  • Digital printing services
  • Document scanning
  • Managed print services
  • Print equipment & supplies

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Customer reviews

1 /5

Google Reviews Feb 29,2024

lisa sullivan

5 /5

Google Reviews Oct 12,2023

Elyse Conti

Arc is a long-time vendor for my engineering firm. Yesterday they turned around an order for us with a very short deadline (about 1.5 days) in just about an hour. They never cease to impress us. Arc has been such a reliable vendor for us, we are so thankful for the efficient and quality service we have received over the years.

5 /5

Google Reviews Aug 29,2023

Laura Tartaglia

I have ordered blueprints for my company here a few times now and they are always friendly and the orders are ready same day within a few hours which is great!

5 /5

Google Reviews Mar 22,2023

James “J. D.” Landis

5 /5

Google Reviews Jan 03,2023

Tom Holden

Pete did great work for our engineering plans/reports! Thanks Pete!

5 /5

Google Reviews Aug 01,2022

Julia Keleher

ARC is a fantastic company and their work was exceptional. We had a big project that had a lot of complicated files and required a custom organizational structure. ARC did a great job and Steve did a wonderful job. He was happy to understand our needs and exceeded all your expectations. I highly recommend them.

5 /5

Google Reviews May 09,2022

Wendi Englehart

Peter is so great and easy to work with ARC is the best!

5 /5

Google Reviews Apr 05,2022

John Raftery

We have been working with ARC for many years and they have always provided outstanding service. We look forward to working with them for years to come!

5 /5

Google Reviews Apr 05,2022

Rich Quodomine

My family had "gifted" me many historical documents, many of which I had no idea what do with. They were unique, and yet I had no idea what to do with them. I can't store them in a basement forever. I needed a way to preserve them for the future and easily distribute them. That's when Pete Berna and ARC stepped in. They preserved literally thousands of pages, and at not a lot of cost. I am very grateful!

5 /5

Google Reviews Apr 04,2022

Kim Galie

We are always happy with the service and attention to detail of ARC. Peter's team is quick and responsive every time.