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Phone: (800) 955-3729 / (626) 289-5021
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Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Maggie Nichols

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4.9 /5

Based on 23 Reviews

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Customer reviews

5 /5
Long Le 2017-07-25

Mike is our contact and he has been so good to us. Extremely helpful and thorough. Whenever I have a special request, he always make sure to follow through. As a side note, compliments to Angel! She is my second contact and always a pleasure working with her. I can only imagine everyone else there being awesome. We are so happy with everything pretty much :). Thank you!

5 /5
Dena 2017-07-20

Fast response

Team ARC

Thanks for the shout-out!

5 /5
Angie 2017-07-20

Excellent service, great products.

Team ARC

Thank you, Angie!

5 /5
JG 2017-07-19

Great company

Team ARC

Thanks, JG!

5 /5
Mike Coero/ Draftech 2017-07-19

Best customer service. Olga Castellanos is the best. Super smart, efficient and friendly!!

Team ARC

Thank you for the shout-out to Olga and the Monterey Park team!

5 /5
Gretchen 2017-07-19

Although we've had a business relationship with Arc Imaging for over 30 years, Mike Bottitta is the most efficient and competent contact we've ever had the pleasure to work with. We are in good hands with Mike at the helm!

Team ARC

Thank you for the positive feedback!

5 /5
Harry Katchadoorian 2017-07-12

Kassey is always there when I need something. She gets our supplies ordered and shipped within the next day or two. She is always happy and full of energy.

Team ARC

Thanks for the kind words! We're happy to help.

5 /5
Duy H. 2017-07-06

Have been using ARC for quite sometime now. The online system is simple to use, even for a novice computer user. And when it isn't, all you have to do is send an email or make a call and the issue is addressed properly. Kassey and Olga are both unbelievably helpful amazing at their jobs.

5 /5
marine 2017-06-23

She is very knowledgeable, polite and very helpful. When I leave a message I get a response back very fast. Great customer service

5 /5
Luis B. 2017-06-16

ARC has been a long time partner of our architectural and construction services firm. They deliver exceptional customer service and industry leading solutions.

Team ARC

Thanks for the kind words. We look forward to many more years of our partnership!

5 /5
Geri Gagnon 2017-05-26

Kassey and her team is very responsive. So thankful for all of the help and quick responses!

5 /5
Fernando Sevilla 2017-05-24

Our plotter is up and running again!  We greatly appreciate your prompt attention to our plotter issue. Your technician, Mr. Eman Omar, did a good job as well.  We will proudly recommend your services to our colleagues in the industry. Again, thanks so much!

Team ARC

Glad to hear we're worthy of your recommendations, Fernando. Always happy to help. Thanks for the review!

5 /5
CMC Rebar 2017-05-24

Regarding ARC tech Erik Guillen, best tech wish all techs could learn from him.

Team ARC

Thanks for noticing and for the five stars!

5 /5
Cathy 2017-05-22

The ARC staff have always provided great customer service on all our orders...a great team!

5 /5
Irma Barrios 2017-05-16

They are a wonderful partner to have from A-Z from customized lease agreements to great customer service! Kassey Wunderlich and Emad Omar are rock stars along with the rest of their amazing team!

Team ARC

Kassey, Emad and the entire Monterey Park team are rockstars! Thank you for your feedback, Irma!

5 /5
Mark Agard 2017-05-12

Marine Minasyan is a pleasure to work with regarding customer service and making sure that a confirmation email is prompt. She takes an interest and conveys a sense of not trying to move-on to another caller.

Team ARC

Thank you for your review. We are proud of our employees. Our goal is to make customers happy with our services.

5 /5
Gregory Hardman 2017-04-28

Our office has a long relationship with the ARC Monterey Park location, even before they became ARC. So their staff has been providing us with years of friendly service, great communication, and making sure our supplies are there at hand. Account Exec. Ed LeNoue, Fran Johnston in Billing, Service Techs Emad Omar and Joseph Hovsepian , Nice Moten in Accounting and Jacklyn Hernandez in Service have always been very professional and make it enjoyable doing business with ARC. We feel that they’re all a part of our team.

Team ARC

We couldn't agree more...the Monterey Park team is fantastic! We're honored to be part of your team.

5 /5
Jeanette S. 2017-04-26

Kassey Wunderlich is the best!. Her customer service is excellent. She represents ARC in a professional manner and she knows her stuff. She's quick to solve any problems or issues we may need help with. Kassey is always helpful and will go above and beyond to make us happy.

Team ARC

Thanks much for the positive feedback. We appreciate great customers like you!

5 /5
John Combs - TTG/IMEG 2017-04-25

ARC Employee, Olga Castellanos is an exemplary example of great customer service. I called due to a damaged roll, and without hesitation, Olga was quick to both, assess and resolve the issue above satisfaction. It is such a rare pleasure to receive good customer service now days. Thank you so much for your prompt service and courtesy. Best Regards, John Combs

Team ARC

We agree, John--Olga is impressive! Thanks so much for the rave review.

3 /5
Guillermo Monter 2017-04-24

Calling the plotter service line and having to leave a message without a response the following day is frustrating. I had to step up the phone calls to get to a customer service manager. After that all ran smoothly and as expected with our plotter service call.

Team ARC

So glad a manager was eventually able to help get things running smoothly. Thanks for giving us a heads up where we can improve our processes, Guillermo.

5 /5
Olga 2017-04-13

Olga is awesome. I really enjoy working with her. She is a pleasure and super helpful. Love Arc because they employ such fantastic people.

Team ARC

We hire the best! Thanks for the review!

5 /5
Marine 2017-04-13

She is helpful beyond reproach. And she always gets back to you right way. That kind of follow up is so wonderful to have today. I will always feel comfortable ordering with Arc because of her williningness to get you the info you need.

Team ARC

Thanks for the note. We know follow up can make or break a job! Appreciate the stars!

5 /5
gloria 2017-04-13

customer service is really quick on gettin us our price quote and with the deliveries , have no problems with ARC , thank you for always helping us

Team ARC

Thanks Gloria! We know you have other options and we're happy you chose us!

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