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Monterey, CA 93940
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Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Phil Englehart

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5 /5
Jim Slentz (Quiring Corp.) 2017-08-04

Best two words to describe Arc are patience and efficiency.

Team ARC

Thank you, Jim! We do our best to be patient and efficient for all our great customers! You deserve our best and we deliver our best every day!

5 /5
Ironwood Builders 2017-08-02

It's great to see a company so well organized and have the ability to work together as a great team. Thank you for all your work and time.

Team ARC

Thank you! We enjoy doing our best for our customer!

5 /5
Thomas Hood 2017-07-29

Phil is a great team leader. His attention to detail and client needs are excellent. I know we can rely on him, Andy Larry and Warren to get it done right. We're lucky to have them on the Peninsula.

Team ARC

Thanks, Thomas! We are glad your company has chosen ARC to handle your printing needs!

5 /5
Tammy Short 2017-07-11

They are the best. Everyone is helpful and nice. Great customer service.

5 /5
Kathleen Wadsworth 2017-06-08

Totally Impressed with the customer service I just received! Phil was so congenial and worked with us to assist our clients! Our loyalty is now to this company.

5 /5
WAYNE IVERSEN 2017-05-31


5 /5
Cindi Scarlett-Ramsey 2017-05-19

Amazing customer service. Always come through when you need them. I especially appreciate that they check your index to make sure you've got all the sheets you need. It's great to get confirmation that they have your order as well. Your in good hands with Phil and crew.

Team ARC

Great to hear, Cindy! We truly appreciate your business and the feedback.

5 /5
John Donangelo 2017-05-12

Phil and his staff are truly a pleasure to work with. Simply email them what you need and you get a phone call within 15 minutes telling you that your plan order is ready for pick up . I know this is a lot to ask ,but a drive-through window sure would be nice......

Team ARC

We'll see what we can do, John! But seriously, thank you for the positive feedback. We appreciate your business.

5 /5
Kurt A. Hengelbrok, Architect 2017-05-05

I have been a client of ARC for 6 1/2 years and I cannot recall one time that my print order was not done on time and done correctly. Phil and the others at ARC Monterey have gotten it right each and every time. Thank you all! Kurt

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