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5 /5
Clifford J. Green 2017-08-18

I stumbled on ARC yesterday when hunting for a real printer after 3 employees Kinko's couldn't figure out how to print attachments off an email. ARC WAS FANTASTIC! All I had was a tiny job but I received the same friendly and professional service that the architect next to me received. I'll be back soon! And thanks again...

Team ARC

Thanks, Clifford! We are glad you found ARC and chose us for your project! We treat every customer, large and small, with courtesy and professionalism, and every project with TLC!

5 /5
royceton s pinder 2017-08-14

Thank you Robbie Watson for all your help and your great personality Keven Robinson thank you for your patience and help in getting my project done. Both of you are two wonderful human beings

Team ARC

Thank you for the positive review for Keven and Robbie! We appreciate your business and will keep up the great work!

5 /5
Michael Buhmiller 2017-08-08

Cheers ARC REPRO Pasadena, Thanks for all that you do for us. With best regards, Michael Buhmiller

Team ARC

Thanks, Michael! Our Pasadena team is proud that you put your trust in ARC for all your printing needs! We will keep up the great work!

5 /5
Justine Chandler 2017-08-02

Hello ARC Team Thanks so much for everything you've done for me over the years! I'm now relocating to Arizona : ) It has been a pleasure working with you!

Team ARC

Thanks, Justine! We are grateful that you have been our customer!

5 /5
Nancy Dalman 2017-07-29

Keven, I received the 12 copies. They look fantastic! Thank you so much! :)

Team ARC

Thanks, Nancy! You can always count on ARC!

5 /5
Daniel J. Inloes Jr. 2017-07-21

I just wanted you to know that I really appreciated the service I received from David and Keven during my last visit at ARC Document Solutions in Pasadena. I have always received considerate service and reasonable prices, but this last project was a difficult one and I cannot image it moving as smoothly as it did without David and Kevin's help. David was able to provide me with flexible and prompt quotes as my project transformed from a general bid to a much more specific final estimate. His ability to answer my questions, order the transparent material I needed and provide me with insights on how to build the project for success would very appreciated. Keven was able to do the bulk of the work. He made sure it was done professionally and accurately which was difficult since the project entailed transparent layers which needed perfect alignment. I will be sure to continue to work with ARC in the future and recommend them to my colleagues as well. Thank you

Team ARC

Thank you, Daniel! We are glad you trusted ARC to complete your project! We will keep it up!

5 /5
Rick Button 2017-07-21

I love walking in the door! Jose is always there to greet me with Robbie and Ramon responds faster than I can talk. Everything is perfect in and out the door. Exceptional quality printing.

Team ARC

Thanks, Rick! We love seeing great customer like you walk through the door!

5 /5
CalAsia Team 2017-07-20

We love the service that Ramon, Robbie, Andre and Sergio give us! They have been a great help with our plan printing needs! We'll keep being their loyal customer! Thank you!

Team ARC

Thank you for your kind words and for being a loyal customer! We love our customers!

5 /5
Elise 2017-07-18

Ramon took an old, oversized, crumbling, faded drawing, scanned it (twice, to improve the quality) and printed out copies, all within 45 minutes! I couldn't find anyone else who would even touch it. Thank you!

Team ARC

Thanks, Elise! ARC specializes in scanning fragile documents. You can count on ARC every time!

5 /5
L B 2017-07-17

David & Kevin at the Pasadena store give me great service. They are able to make small last minute changes to my drawings in Photo Shop . This saves a trip back to my office to make corrections.

Team ARC

We're happy to be of help. Thanks for your business and for the review.

5 /5
Eric Cross 2017-07-14

Always fast friendly service with no surprises on pricing

Team ARC

Fast and friendly are what we're all about. Thanks for taking the time to give us a review!

5 /5
Chris Allaire 2017-06-12

All, Thanks so much for years of great service! Best, Chris

5 /5
Everardo Garcia 2017-06-07

During our long relationship with ARC & their team members, they have always provided professional, friendly and quality service!

5 /5
Kerri Van Auken for CM Peck 2017-05-03

Great service all around. Quality, customer service and efficiency. Mary is great to work with! - Highly recommended.

Team ARC

Thanks for the recommendation, Kerri!

5 /5
Tony Kim from Pankow Builders 2017-05-01

Exceptional service with expedited response and delivery. They render all our on the demand requests with expedited delivery and has never fallen short. Ed has always followed through with all our printing needs - Highly recommended

Team ARC

Thanks for the recommendation and the positive feedback, Tony!

5 /5
Ron Smith 2017-04-24

The staff at this facility have become friends that I always enjoy seeing when I need their help. I can and do depend on them and I am completely happy with all that they do for me. They are something that goes 'right' in my world of work.

Team ARC

It's so nice to hear the Pasadena crew is something that goes "right" in your work world! Thanks for the pat on the back.

5 /5
Nydia from SunGreen Systems 2017-04-20

I made a mistake of not downloading documents that I had printed and electronically copied. I thought I was in for some trouble at work and I thought, maybe I can ask ARC in Pasadena to help me. I emailed and Ramon sent them to me in less than 10 minutes! SGS customer is very happy that they can get their files electronically emailed to them, and I'm happy since I'm not getting in trouble! Great customer service, friendly, helpful and just thanks Ramon, you literally helped me out!

Team ARC

So glad we could help keep you out of trouble Nydia! We appreciate your business and the positive feedback.

5 /5
Jennifer Creason - BRR Architecture 2017-04-20

I was just AMAZED how efficient and how quickly ARC got what we needed so we may continue with our work on the permit process. They did all of this with our request coming from out of state and handled our request with professionalism and the fastest turnaround I've ever seen with exceptional customer service!! THANK YOU!!!

Team ARC

Our Pasadena crew IS amazing! Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer.

5 /5
Laura Y. 2017-04-12

ARC was very helpful in finding us a suitable board for our presentations. They even delivered samples to our office, since we are a block away. We were very impressed with their customer service.

Team ARC

We're obsessed with providing great customer service. Thanks for your positive feedback, Laura!

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