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Louie Garza

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5 /5
Rob Blosfield RB Residential Designs 2017-06-03

Louie is top notch. Runs a tight shift and is very pleasant to work with. He always goes the extra mile to help out and meet dead lines.

Team ARC

Thank you Rob. We have a great team at our Thousand Oaks print center.

5 /5
Benny Sam 2017-06-02

Louie and Raul are great at their jobs. They always complete the requests as promised and without any mistakes. They are our go to guys for all printing jobs of any scale. Pleasure working with these guys.

5 /5
CM.a Architect, Inc. 2017-05-30

We have been working with ARC for ten years and always receive the most responsive and courteous service (the team is always ready to help us at a moments notice). We look forward to working with you for many more years to come.

5 /5
Marie 2017-05-25

ARC provides the best service for our company. Always on time (honestly, typically earlier than requested). The team is always a pleasure to work along side of.

Team ARC

The pleasure is all ours, Marie! Thanks for the five stars.

5 /5
Thomas Kennedy Vanguard Engineering 2017-05-25

Louie and his staff are great. They are tremendously helpful, friendly, and professional. No matter how quick we need plans done to make a deadline, Louie and his staff get them done.

5 /5
Tom Fuess Base Framing 2017-05-25

Louie is Great Always on time and very complete. He is fantastic to work with!

5 /5
Proffer Construction, Inc. 2017-05-24

Louie and the rest of the team are the best in the business! We've been using them for several years now and they always take care of us, even with last minute jobs! Highly recommended!

Team ARC

Thanks for the recommendation. We truly appreciate your business!

5 /5
JM Plumbing, Inc. 2017-05-24

We use ARC for all our blueprint printing, and we couldn't be happier with the quality and service. Louie and Raul always work with us to make sure everything is as needed. Thanks guys!

Team ARC

Thank YOU. We appreciate your business and the positive review.

5 /5
Brooke Dunbar 2017-05-24

ARC provides the best service for our business! They are very helpful, friendly and reliable. ARC always delivers our high demand drawings and prints on time, even when we are in a rush and have a quick deadline.

5 /5
Kim Sodek 2017-05-24

Louie and the whole team at ARC Thousand Oaks are a pleasure to work with. They are always personable, accommodating, and responsive to our tight deadlines and detailed orders.

Team ARC

The pleasure is all ours, Kim! Thanks much for the positive feedback.

5 /5
Janisse & Son, Inc. 2017-05-24

Our company uses ARC in Thousand Oaks for our plan copy needs. We have used other companies in the past however as soon as we experienced the professional, fast, friendly, and dependable service from ARC we will not go anywhere else. No matter how large or small the job, no matter how quickly it is needed, Louie Garza and his team get it done. We highly recommend ARC of Thousand Oaks.

Team ARC

Thanks for making us your go to for printing needs and for the recommendations!

5 /5
Rick Richter - Babineau Construction 2017-05-24

We use ARC in Thousand Oaks for all blueprint work, laminating, etc. Louie does an outstanding job getting things done quickly and correctly. He is really a pleasure to work with. I recommend ARC to all our friends.

Team ARC

Thanks for your recommendations! We appreciate the five star review.

5 /5
Bob Talbert 2017-05-24

I use the ARC in Thousand Oaks, and I can't say enough good about Louie. He offers the best service I have had. He is very quick getting my prints done, and he always has a smile. Bob Talbert

5 /5
New Leaf Landscape 2017-05-23

We only use ARC for all of our printing needs. They are the most reliable and professional company around and always get the job done. Louie is a pleasure to work with and always helps us as quickly as possible!

Team ARC

Thanks for making us your #1 for printing needs!

5 /5
The Howard Electric Company 2017-05-23

Louie and his team at ARC in Thousand Oaks provide a Five Star service and are an absolute pleasure to work with!

5 /5
Regan 2017-05-23

As a general contractor we can always count on Louie and his crew at ARC in Thousand Oaks to print all the architectural plans quickly and properly. For any request, the response time is immediate. Always so nice and helpful. Everyone should use ARC.

Team ARC

We agree Regan--everyone should use ARC! We appreciate your business and the feedback.

5 /5
Gerald Schober 2017-05-23

Louie in Thousand Oaks is priceless. He keeps extra long hours which really makes the shop invaluable to me and my printing needs. Don't know what I would doo without him!!

Team ARC

We're glad to be of help, Gerald. Thanks for the five stars!

5 /5
Robb Daniels 2017-05-23

I always have a great experience with Louie at the Thousand Oaks branch. He is always helpful, smiling and in good spirits. His work is always right and he is quick. He often stays late and comes in early , which is great for me to pick up plans before or after my days work. He is a very valuable asset to the company and why I pay more for copy charges than I would at other stores. It is for Louie's great service. Fine Homes by Hearthstone-Robb Daniels

5 /5
Nikki Veltze 2017-05-23

Louie and Raul at the TO location are great to work with. Their prices and services are outstanding. Our orders are ALWAYS here before the time specified. Thanks!!

Team ARC

Thank YOU Nikki! We appreciate your business and the positive feedback.

5 /5
Gwen Nguyen 2017-05-23

Louie at ARC Thousand Oaks is great. He's always helpful especially with last minute requests.

5 /5
Jesse Fisher Armstrong 2017-04-28

Walter Mayan at ARC Beverly Hills is the best. He's on it and a genuinely nice guy who is enjoyable to talk to. - Jesse Armstrong Principal Fisher Fairmount Design

Team ARC

Thanks Jesse! We appreciate your business and the kind words.

5 /5
CA Buildings 2017-04-27

Louis in Thousand Oaks is absolutely the best. Best service best can do attitude and very very helpful to our cause always ...Nick Schaar owner CA Buildings

Team ARC

Thanks Nick! We appreciate the positive feedback.

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