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2000 L Street, NW, Suite B1
Washington, DC 20036
United States

Phone: (202) 331-0576
Fax: (202) 331-0985
Email: washington.production@e-arc.com


Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Alan Webb

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5.0 /5

Based on 26 Reviews

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Customer reviews

5 /5
Dan Hardnock 2017-07-05

Great service and quick turn-around on prints. Generally same day or less than 24 hours for large orders (including courier time). Highly recommend.

Team ARC

Thanks for the recommendation Dan! We appreciate the positive feedback, as well.

5 /5
RB 2017-06-27

Great customer service and fast print turn around.

5 /5
Barbara Folk 2017-06-26

I've worked with ARC DC for the last three years. They have been wonderful in providing the needed services and flexible in working with our staff.

5 /5
Emily Bennett 2017-05-19

Speedy pickup & prompt return of hard copy plans, and fast delivery of electronic files. Thanks!

5 /5
Yasmine 2017-05-17

Service is very efficient and accurately reflects requests. Employees are a joy to work with...highly recommended!

5 /5
Jay Campbell 2017-05-17

Documents are picked up, scanned, and returned in a very timely fashion. The process for requesting services is also very efficient.

5 /5
Gloria Miller 2017-05-17

Yes , I will continue to use ARC Mr. Alan Webb was great to work with

5 /5
Julia 2017-05-17

Great service. Very responsive and always deliver quality product on time.

5 /5
Steve Weatherby 2017-05-17

Very quick response and great service. Thanks

5 /5
Seth 2017-05-17

Very responsive. Our prints were picked up the same day of the request and delivered the very next day.

5 /5
Alan S 2017-05-17

Excellent customer service provided by Alan Webb and the DC team. Reliable and exceptional service.

Team ARC

We're always striving for excellent customer service. Great to hear we're hitting the mark!

5 /5
Cannon House 2017-04-25

Very responsive to all our emails and phone calls regarding printing requests. Deliveries are always performed in a timely manner.

5 /5
Matt Harris 2017-04-24

Great service every time. Orders are accurate and the team is available when I need them.

Team ARC

Thanks for the high five, Matt! We appreciate your business.

5 /5
Brad 2017-04-21

Very responsive and great quality

Team ARC

Thanks Brad! We appreciate your business and the positive review.

5 /5
Dan 2017-04-20

Service is very efficient. I have an urgent order and they delivered it even before the due time. Really impressed!

Team ARC

Glad to hear we impressed you Dan! We appreciate the positive feedback.

5 /5
Anh Nguyen 2017-04-14

Everyone was very very friendly!

Team ARC

Our team in DC is super friendly and helpful! Thanks for your review, Anh!

5 /5
Beth W 2017-04-14

Service is friendly, efficient and what you'd expect from a lifelong business partnership. Washington ARC group exceed expectations for reasons including: - ARC team strives to meet (often challenging) deadlines; and in instances where deadlines are (understandably) unattainable, they will notify us within moments, so we can proceed as necessary. - more than once, they noticed our print request had missing/duplicate sheets, and emailed me to inquire/ confirm if this was intentional or not; by catching such mistakes, they've saved our team's time and energy manually fixing our error - office printer/plotter recently broke, and they picked up the slack with minimal impacts to our daily business

Team ARC

It's been our pleasure to offer exceptional service. Our DC Team always goes the extra mile. Thank you for your feedback!

5 /5
Santo Butler 2017-04-14

Every single time I send a job they come through! No matter how complicated, Alan and this group gets it done and allows me to look good for my clients.

Team ARC

We love making our clients look good to their clients, Santo! Thanks for the positive feedback.

5 /5
Brandon Blount 2017-04-14

I've always had prompt service even for rushed orders.

Team ARC

Prompt service is what we're all about. Thanks for noticing and for your review, Brandon!

5 /5
Joe Harris 2017-04-13

Alan and team are always extremely prompt and professional.

Team ARC

Happy to be here for you, Joe. Thanks for the review!

5 /5
Alex Berley 2017-04-13

ARC provides outstanding service! prompt and courteous every time. I have only praise and recommendation

Team ARC

Thanks for the recommendation, Alex. Glad to hear we’re getting it done for you!

5 /5
Adam Jesberger 2017-04-13

Great turn-around on orders

Team ARC

When you have a need for speed, we’re here for you! Thanks for the note, Adam.

5 /5
Candice Geter 2017-04-13

Johnathan Taylor has outstanding customer service!

Team ARC

Outstanding customer service is what we're all about. Thanks for the review Candice!

5 /5
Candyce Garrison 2017-04-13

Very prompt and precise service!

Team ARC

Thanks Candyce--We're proud of our prompt and precise service and appreciate your review!

4 /5
John Barbara 2017-04-13

Alan Webb and ARC have consistently has given me very good service when I have put orders in on black and white/ scanning/ plotting work. I think the one area that ARC could benefit from improving in entails the color repro work. I have not had any done lately, but I think our office has found that the quality of one local primary competitor has consistently been better on color. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

5 /5
Andrew 2017-04-13

ARC prints on time and delivers quickly. Salespeople are easy to work with.

Team ARC

Thanks Andrew! We value your business and agree that our D.C. salespeople are great! Thank you for the positive feedback.

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