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The environmental graphic design integrates graphic design, architecture, art, lighting, landscape design, and other disciplines. This is done to enhance the user experience in the built environment through the visual translation of ideas.

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Connect Ideas and People with Vibrant Environmental Graphics from ARC

The purpose of Environmental Graphic Design is to communicate and connect people with the places they visit. In addition to graphic design, architecture, interior design, and landscape design, these branded environments incorporate other elements as well. A layered design element is part of an environmental graphic that helps direct as well as enhance a brand’s experience.

Each project has its own personality Some focus on function, others on fashion. Guests benefit from the clarity & certainty created by wayfinding signage. The visitor experience is a key component of retail and entertainment projects. Placemaking, public art, and murals are used to create “wow” moments people won’t soon forget. Although environmental signage is typically static and architectural, a push for interactive digital experiences is ongoing and ever-changing.

With our environmental graphics design and printing services, ARC by your side, you can experience the cream of the crop in environmental graphics. Using state-of-the-art printing tools, all our graphics are vibrant and curated per your specific needs. Join us today, and enjoy making a statement in style with powerful visuals designed to catch the naked eye.

Our Environmental Graphic Products:

  • Dimensional Lettering

    Bold, vibrant, and attractive, make your brand make a smart impression with our dimensional lettering. Team up with us, and choose your design, font, and color. Our experts will guide and tailor your letters, exactly as you want.

  • Directional Signage

    Don’t let anyone lose their way! Guide them to their locations with clear, crisp, and attractive directional signage. Crisp, attractive, and bold, our directional signage will ensure that you never get unnoticed in tradeshows, conferences and more.

  • Murals

    Make your home look artsy or brand your business with authentic, one-of-a-kind murals curated for your needs. Printed to perfection, you can alter it in future without damaging your wall permanently.

  • Elevator Doors

    Funky, attractive, and quirky, you can get it all with our pristine environmental graphics for elevator doors. From media to branding, we do it all. Get customized solutions or consult our experts for guidance as per your business needs.

  • ADA Signage

    A compliant ADA sign ensures that everyone feels comfortable in your office building. We will ensure your ADA compliance with tactile graphics and braille. Get in touch with our environmental graphics company to explore our wide range of environmental graphics for ADA compliance needs.

  • Privacy Films

    Decorative privacy window films and the standard conference room glass frosting are among our privacy glass solutions. Our patterns and gradients are available in a wide range of colors and delightfully increase the visual privacy and decorative application for offices, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and healthcare facilities.

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  • In addition to graphic design, environmental graphic design EGD, incorporates architecture, design, art, lighting, and landscape design. By visualizing ideas, the built environment improves the user experience.

  • Through emotional triggers and touchpoints within a spatial experience, environmental graphics enhance identity, imagery, and sense of place.

  • There are six types of common environmental graphic designs, such as:

    1. Branded Environments
    2. Doors, Wall Graphics, and Glass
    3. Wayfinding Systems
    4. Interactive Experiences
    5. Exhibition
    6. Public Installations and Displays

  • There are 4 crucial components of environmental graphic design such as:

    1. Color
    2. Imagery
    3. Texture
    4. Typography

  • There are countless reasons why environmental graphic design firms are gaining popularity in the workplace. The common reasons brands invest are:

    1. Builds a positive thought process
    2. Boosts employee and employer creativity
    3. An optimistic image is maintained
    4. Impacts brand identity positively