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Managed Print Services provide an easy, cost-effective solution to bring unchecked print costs under control, saving them up to 30% per year. Find out how much you could be saving your company in just a few clicks.

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3-step Managed Print Service Process

ARC’s Managed Print Services are structured around our customers’ needs and don’t include the conflicts of interest that arise from contracts with dealers and producers. By remaining unattached to manufacturers, we can offer flexible contracts and focus on the best equipment and solutions for your needs.

Our process is designed to reduce your spending while increasing your productivity and efficiency by implementing three steps:

Our comprehensive evaluation of your existing equipment, processes, and usage provides the foundation for your new streamlined, cost-effective infrastructure. Utilizing our proprietary discovery and analysis software, we’ll identify disparities in processes and use across departments, evaluate your needs, and identify opportunities to eliminate or deploy machines more appropriately.

Our experts can also identify process improvements relating to digitizing documents, off-site printing options, and batch processing potential to reduce costs and labor.

With a right-sized printer fleet, streamlined processes, and cutting-edge printer activity tracking technology, firms experience a company-wide boost in efficiency.

ARC’s experts identify avenues to simplify your processes while stretching your budget, such as adopting a production-focused approach to printing that outsources some of your print jobs, as opposed to a convenience-based approach that lacks clear parameters.

Equipment standardization with expert training and implementation may also add value, leading to reductions in training downtime and supply costs while increasing the hours your IT team can spend on the projects that matter to your business.

If technology isn’t saving you time and money, what’s the point? For many MPS providers, the goal is uninspired and unsurprising: to make them money.

ARC’s MPS works for you, providing you with flexible contracts, scalable costs, professional expertise, and a singular goal: to save you money and make running your business easier.

With a higher employee-to-printer ratio and equipment that is tailored uniquely to your business’ needs, employees spend less time doing the work of a printer and focus on revenue-generating projects. Meanwhile, reductions in energy consumption and printer supplies coupled with a predictable and scalable monthly expense give you greater access to more of your budget.


of IT help desk calls are print related.


of printed documents are never used.


of companies don't know how many printers they have or how much they spend on print.

Achieve your organization’s green goals

ARC is committed to promoting and achieving sustainability within our organization as well as our industry. We believe in making environmentally mindful choices and work with our vendors and suppliers to ensure that production practices are in line with our values.

As ARC’s client, you can rely on us to identify the print and document management products and services that support our principles and help you achieve your organization’s eco-goals.

The environmental savings of MPS

As individuals and even as organizations, the impact of our choices may not be evident. Collectively, however, the stress that individuals and businesses put on the environment is undeniable:

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Offices create a significant amount of paper waste, in addition to other waste items that will end up in landfills if not recycled. On average, ARC’s MPS Solution cuts print volume for businesses by 10-15% per year, reducing materials and energy consumption. Implemented as part of an eco-conscious organizational ecosystem, MPS can help your business reduce its footprint and meet or exceed its green goals.

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