You don’t have to BIM alone

Contrary to what your colleagues think, as a BIM or VDC manager, you’re not only making pretty 3D pictures. You’re also prepping models for estimating, scheduling simulations, planning logistics, providing sales support, and a few dozen other pre-construction activities. It can be overwhelming to say the least. But, ARC is here to help take the load off with full service BIM support.

Take on more BIM projects

ARC’s BIM services scale with project complexity and size. Projects getting out of hand? Need more headcount to complete the project—without incurring the costs of full time hires? ARC can provide you with expert BIM and CAD outsourcing, enabling you to take on more projects at a moment’s notice.

See it before you build it

ARC Visualization services leverage the latest visualization tools, bringing your designs to life with 3D models that are dynamic and interactive. Visualization lets you see all the building models before construction ever begins—structural to architectural to materials. This extra clarity allows you to help owners make improvements and avoid costly rework.

Support all your teams

Get the extra BIM muscle to hand over the models and visualizations your sales team needs. Our BIM experts can also help by producing safety planning models and related documentation for authorities, owners, and neighborhood communications.

Customized BIM services

One size does not fit all. Whether your organization has specific conventions for modeling work or you want to streamline your collaboration with custom color-coded corrections and markups, ARC’s experts can personalize their BIM work to fit your needs.

Nonstop BIM

Another BIM team means you can get at least twice as much done. ARC’s BIM support essentially produces a nonstop workday—without having to stay late at the office.

Become a BIM hero

Take on more projects with confidence. With ARC’s BIM experts backing you up, you can reduce the amount of time and effort spent on coordination. This means you help get the project pouring concrete (and maybe that promotion) sooner.