Can you quickly find your current as-builts, shut-offs, warranties and O&Ms?

As a facilities manager, you’re being pressured to do more with less, have quick response times, and stay compliant—all while keeping the team together and productive. So, the last thing you need is fractured building information and documents slowing down your workflow. ARC Facilities frees you from this costly inefficiency with instant access to your O&Ms, as-builts, and other critical building info.

Protected information = Increased productivity

ARC Facilities has helped countless facilities managers reduce response times, improve customer service, and cut costs in a way that’s hard to ignore. Transform how you manage your facilities and increase productivity.

Get back time and money

Did you know the average facilities employee spends 1-2 hours a day searching for information? Those hours adds up quick. Get that time and money back with instantaneous search capabilities that help you make repairs faster and increase productivity while improving service. How much more could you get done with an extra hour or two in your day?

Centralized info, centralized team

With all your building’s information accessible from a single source of truth, confusion and wasted time among team members is drastically reduced. You can ensure that your team is working from the latest set of as-builts. Easy access to facility information also means your team will be less stressed during day-to-day work and especially emergencies. Warning: ARC Facilities may cause praise from peers.

Get to know your building(s)

It’s your building(s) to manage, but how well do you actually know it? With an easy-to-navigate dashboard of your building’s info, overall knowledge of the facility’s systems increases for you and the team. ARC Facilities transforms tribal knowledge into the organization’s knowledge.