A smarter way to manage information

You know better than anyone else that the government runs on paper. Records, business licenses, permits, meeting minutes, drawings and engineering documents, and tax info. All of it paper. All of it costly and inefficient. ARC’s document management solutions allow you to reduce the paper involved in these processes or even eliminate paper altogether using cloud-based software.

All your documents, no paper

An office that doesn’t use paper is not only possible, we’ve made it happen. ARC Archives has helped government organizations, such as the City of Palo Alto, go completely paperless. Instead of filing cabinets and storage, all your information is stored within a mobile and desktop accessible application. Paper free operations not only save time and money, but boost morale and get back office space.

Govern your capital

That cabinet full of toner sitting near an expensive printer unused is wasted capital—budget that could be put to good use elsewhere. Digital archiving and managed print services allows you to eliminate the need for paper, printers, lease and maintenance costs. These savings mean more money can go back to serving taxpayers!

Get more from your team

At least an hour a day is wasted by employees searching for the documents they need to do their job. ARC Archives service and application turns that hour into seconds with instantaneous access to information from desktop or mobile devices. That’s time your employees get back to get real work done.

Government grade compliance

Digital documents can’t sink, burn, or get easily lost. With ARC Archives, your documents are stored digitally for maximum compliance. Cloud-based access means your documents are readily accessible during litigation or emergencies. While top of the line encryption and regular backups ensure your documents are safer than they would be as physical content.