Reality Capture Vastly Improves Accuracy

When 3D laser scanning services are integrated with BIM, teams can collaborate using 3D virtual models—improving productivity and quality throughout the building lifecycle. Virtual access to view current as-built conditions facilitates informed design and construction decision-making for the entire AEC team.

From Laser Scan to BIM in 3 Steps

Quickly and accurately capture site information

Avoid time-consuming and unreliable assessments of site conditions. Our advanced 3D laser scanners take a fraction of the time and provide more accuracy than any other surveying method.

Process point cloud data for any project

Our 3D modeling experts handle the complex task of processing raw scan data so you can focus on making the most of your 3D model.

Improve productivity and reduce cost with 3D models

With your model in place, extra trips back to the project site are no longer necessary. Remote designers and builders work collaboratively, driving coordination among disciplines. And clash detection helps your team avoid costly mistakes and rework.

Single Source

Going from raw laser scan to point cloud to BIM usually requires a collection of specialized vendors, software, and hardware. At ARC, it’s all under one roof.

Smarter Scoping & Scheduling

Our 3D models help project managers more accurately scope and efficiently schedule construction projects. Logistical roadblocks are easily visualized ahead of time and avoided.

Seamless Collaboration

Cross-functional teams blend seamlessly when there is a single, digital workplace. Scan-to-BIM reduces the need for reworks, change orders, and project delays.

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