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Simply upload any 2D or 3D files and we’ll print high-quality 3D models that will wow your clients. By translating your ideas into physical 3D models, you can strengthen your presentations with a clear vision that will cut weeks off your review cycles and shorten the sales process.

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3D printing & architectural modeling services

Sell designs before laying the first brick

Skip the brochure. High-quality physical models allow your clients to see what they’re paying for, making it easy to sell designs to owners, developers, and the public well before construction begins.

Provide clients with a concrete vision

3D architectural models allow you to clearly communicate your design, increase alignment between you and your clients, and reduce rework. Don’t let your vision get lost in translation by using 2D drawings or CAD presentations!

Cut weeks off your design cycle

Shorten the design cycle with greater flexibility to quickly experiment and present more accurate project depictions. Using stunning 3D models as reference points, you, your team, and clients can close out the review process sooner.

High-quality, fast turnaround

Transform your CAD, cutaway drawings, or design files into stunning 3D models that are shipped directly to your door.

3D Printing Services Overview

Get scaled model from any standard architectural assets, including blueprints and 2D renderings

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Fully customizable 3D prints

ARC’s 3D printing services provide models of any shape, size, or multicolor to best serve your needs. Our 3D print experts will work with you to iterate on your vision or design a model from scratch until it’s ready for the showroom, sales meetings, or tradeshows.

Best-in-build 3D printers

ARC 3D models are created using the most advanced 3D printers available today. Variables like size, durability, detail and accuracy play an important role in choosing the correct printer. We offer an array of printing processes from ColorJet to SLS and SLA. This means that the optimal process and hardware will be utilized to ensure your customers’ quality expectations are always efficiently met.

Endless material options

ARC’s 3D models are produced with various materials to suit the unique requirements of each project. While some projects require a durable single-color nylon or plastic, others will require high-detail, full-color printing. The ability to match a material to a project means that we will be able to produce the perfect scale model, prototype or fixture for your clients.

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