No more searching through filing cabinets, storage, and paper to locate your information

Every walk to the filing cabinet, every moment spent rummaging through paper equates to lost time and money for your business—not to mention frustrated employees. ARC Archives services free your team up from laborious information searches, allowing them to focus on the work that matters most.

A better way to find the info you need

Reduce cost, increase efficiency

The average employee wastes at least an hour a day searching for information they need to get work done. ARC Archives lets you reduce manual search times from 20 minutes to 20 seconds—time employees get back to be more productive.

Achieve the paperless office

It may sound impossible, but the paperless office is doable. We’ve helped organizations go paper free using our archiving services. Paperless operations not only save time and money, but boost morale and give you back office space.

Never go back to the file cabinet

Have a darkly lit storage or office space full of filing cabinets? Say goodbye to your storage fees and hello to more room in the office. ARC Archives digitizes all your documents, so you can finally get rid of all those binders full of paper.

Professional grade storage

Unlike consumer grade cloud storage solutions, ARC’s cloud storage is built to help you find information at scale. Utilizing cutting edge OCR (optical character recognition) technology and indexing, searches are made instantaneously and without the chaos of solutions better suited for storing personal photos and files. Archives gives you the information in the way your work demands it.

Capture and connect your entire document library

Stop spending time and money searching for documents. Find anything you need in seconds from any device

Archiving Service Overview

Discover a smarter way to store your documents.

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Your information anywhere

ARC Archives services are completely compatible with our proprietary application, giving you and your team instant search and access to all your information from any mobile or desktop device.

Smarter records management

Custom dashboards give you access to your information using a file hierarchy that works for you.

Knowledge is profit

Every piece of information created for your organization is an investment. But, when your documents are in storage or filing cabinets you’re not going to see a return. ARC Archives lets you pass off past knowledge—saving you time and money.

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