Minimize annoying project delays

Our professional services team will identify and correct constructability issues early on, ensuring less RFIs and other potential issues that can result in costly rework and project delays.

Win with BIM

Improve predictability

Improve predictability of schedule through ARC BIM services. Simulate the anticipated project construction sequence and identify clashes that may arise before the first component is put in place. The utilization of BIM can result in significant cost savings as it directly contributes to maintaining the project schedule from inception to closeout.

See it before you build it

ARC BIM services leverage the latest visualization tools, bringing your designs to life with 3D models that are dynamic and interactive. Visualization lets you see all the building models before construction ever begins—structural to architectural to materials. This extra clarity allows you to help owners make improvements and avoid costly rework.

Tackle more projects

ARC BIM services scale with project complexity and size. Projects getting out of hand? Need additional support without incurring the cost of permanent hires? ARC can provide expert BIM and CAD support to augment your team–enabling you to take on more projects.

BIM expertise at your service

Leverage an experienced and dedicated team of 60+ BIM experts to be an extension of your team. We provide detailed models for any file-type: Revit, SysQue, TSI, MWF, AutoCAD MEP, SketchUp, East Coast CAD/CAM, Bentley, and Navisworks. We help you plan, design, build and manage your BIM projects.

Resolve conflicts sooner

Correct constructability issues early on ensuring less RFI’s and other potential issues that result in costly rework and delays.

Save time and money

It has been estimated that each identified clash could save roughly $20,000. On large projects, hundreds of clashes are not unusual.

An extension of your team

Leverage an experienced and dedicated team of 60+ BIM experts to be an extension of your project team or augment your existing staff.


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