Rapid Closeouts in as Little as 1-Week

Struggling to get to the finish line?

The closeout process can be stressful for everyone involved. The volume of paperwork to be collected, organized and provided to the owner can be overwhelming if it has not been managed properly through each phase of construction. And, project teams are itching to move on to the next project resulting in less energy dedicated to completing the tasks at hand.

A better way to finish the job

Closeout your project with the same energy as the start up

With ARC’s superior technology and services, your team will not have to scramble to wrap up the job. With documents continually being updated and managed throughout the project lifecycle, there is less to do as the project hits the final stages.

Punch lists are painless

Save hours, even days, at closeout with accurate and timely tracking of punch list progress and completion through a single dashboard. Traditional excel file punch list tracking is manual and cumbersome. Convert punch list management from an “end of day” recall exercise to a real-time, app-driven workflow.

Never lose your data integrityp

Our solution organizes all final construction documents in a single electronic catalog. The closeout deliverable maintains all folder structure, indexing, hyperlinks, historical versions of mark ups and revisions and is delivered as a fully navigable PDF.

A better way to finish the job

Project Closeout Overview

Use ARC to deliver your project within 1 week.

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Transform project data into business value

Whether for maintenance, future improvements or legal support, building owners appreciate the power and ease of being able to search and refer to project information in digital form.

Deliver up-to-date and accurate as-builts

Maintain document metadata and navigational links created from project inception through delivery. Closeout faster with up-to-date and accurate as-builts.

Project closeouts in as little as 1-week

Our fast-turnaround closeouts include as-builts, O&M manuals, warranties, subcontractor lists, facility contracts, test reports, approved submittals, permits and equipment schedule.

ARC provides the most secure information system available

Learn about our commitment to standards which ensure your data is always safe.

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