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Documents and information are the knowledge base of any organization. But keeping that info trapped as paper or spread across disks, thumb drives, or computers limits the value an organization can receive from that knowledge. ARC’s scanning services helps you unleash the power of those documents.

Turn paper into profit

We scan & organize, you find

The scanning process is simple and we do all the heavy lifting. Your paper records are scanned, digital documents collected, and all your information gets centralized on your own system or our proprietary cloud-based document management application.

OCR means powerful search

ARC’s scanning services takes full advantage of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to capture all the text on your documents, making it easy to search for information using keywords.

Take your information anywhere

ARC’s scanning services are compatible with our cloud-based document management system, enabling access to information from anywhere, on virtually any device.

HIPAA Compliant
Records Management

Safely manage documents containing PHI and PII and the risks associated with data security.

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Going from paper to digital made easy

Learn how we can help you scan, index and find your documents easily and successfully.

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Protect your organization’s information

Physical and locally stored digital documents are at risk from fire, water damage, and social engineering theft. Leveraging highly-encrypted, cloud-based storage and management ensures the best level of security for your information.

Free your information from document prison

Iron-caged storage facilities reduce the value of your information to knowledge to documents that you can’t easily access.

Get time &
money back

Is your organization still working at the speed of paper? Valuable time is wasted searching through physical documents and storage: an average employee loses 1-2 hours per day looking for the info they need. ARC scanning services give you that time and money back.

For any industry

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Proud to be a GSA approved vendor.

Services included:

  • COVID-19 Social Distancing Signs
  • Document Scanning
  • Floor Decals & Graphics
  • Document Printing
  • Wayfinding & Safety Signage
  • Mobile Desk Screens
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage
  • Facilities Plans Solution

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