Large touch screen workstations for truly productive meetings

Our smart screen makes meeting content the center of attention with its 4K resolution. This touch screen monitor for drawing and marking, has powerful PC internals. No need to huddle around physical construction drawings or fuss with dongles during presentations. All meeting information is displayed right before the team’s eyes, encouraging comprehension and discussion.

With remote screen sharing you can lend your voice to the problem from anywhere

smartscreen connect

SmartScreen Wireless
Mobile Screen Sharing App

SmartScreen offers three-step simplicity to connect to external devices for screen mirroring. Users can share screens from their PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. Install the software, open the screen mirroring app and start wireless screen sharing. Your strategic vision will stand out as it should, on the Ultra-HD smart screen.

Smart screen owners start sharing your screens now. Install the screen sharing app here:

Powerful PC with a smart screen monitor

SKYSITE SmartScreen is a full feature AEC touchscreen workstation equipped with Windows 10 OS, offering easy access to presentations, videos, spreadsheets or any content that you would typically find on your office computer.

Modernize your meetings

Without paper or annoying dongles, you can focus on why you met in the first place. SmartScreen workstation for construction industry improves productivity and drives results from team meetings with intelligent collaboration programs.

Hardware built for hard hats

Our SmartScreen comes in various sizes equipped with an anti-glare glass panel construction screen, heavy-duty stand, VGA & HDMI inputs, Intel® Core i7 CPU, with 16GB RAM, 256 SSD, built-in speakers, fast connectivity and Wi-Fi screen mirroring.


Bigger Impression, With Better Collaboration Tools

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