Making Document Scanning Easy: Scan-by-the-Box

Delphine Wilson| September 9, 2021

Scanning paper documents and turning them into digital documents almost always makes documents more useful to your business. Whether you need to make them accessible to your employees or increase security in case of loss or data degradation, the process makes a lot of sense and increases the value of your information.

ARC has been scanning and archiving documents for its clients for years, and while the service has obvious benefits, we’ve found that it’s the details that often derail successful document conversion.

That’s why we’ve simplified the process, making the path between your paper documents and new digital documents short and sweet.

ARC’s new “Scan-by-the-Box” offering is just what it sounds like:

  • For $219 a box, you will receive a box (or boxes) to pack documents in.
  • The documents can be black & white or color, big like a blueprint, or small like a letter.
  • The documents will be scanned at 200 dpi and converted to PDFs.
  • We will assign three fields of indexing to each document to make them easy to search for and find.
  • When they’ve been scanned, you’ll get a link to download the files.
  • After you pack the boxes, we’ll even pick them up for free if you’re within 20 miles of an ARC service center.

Finally, if your records contain protected health information (PHI), it’s not a problem. ARC scanning services are HIPAA-compliant.

The whole point of making paper documents digital is to make your life easier. That’s why we wanted to make the process of converting them easy, too.

Got a box of documents you need scanned? A file cabinet to clean out? A storage room that could be put to better use if it wasn’t piled high with document storage containers?

Give us a call at 833-272-8880 and ask about “Scan-by-Box” today.

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