No More White Walls: Refreshing outlook with Vinyl Wall Art for office space

David Stickney| January 26, 2021

Vinyl Wall Art for office space

At the end of 2017, the Tulsa RIOT Creative team with an assist from ARC unveiled the spectacular completion of a complex office design project.

A long time customer, SeneGence is an international manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty products. RIOT Tulsa recently created a Christmas float and implemented a vinyl wall art installation in early 2017 at SeneGence’s Tulsa office.

The Visionvinyl orchid design

SeneGence owner Joni Rogers-Kante was impressed with the cut vinyl graphics at the Tulsa office walls during a site visit from California and envisioned similar graphics at SeneGence’s Foothills, California location.

Vinyl Wall Art Installation for 25 Rooms

The RIOT Tulsa team was presented with the challenge of printing, cutting, delivering and installing custom vinyl art in California. The kicker? This project totaled 25 rooms and had to be done before the end of the year…That meant once the design was approvedARC and RIOT had a week and a half to print, cut, ship, and install the vinyl wall graphics.

The RIOT Tulsa team visited the California facility, took measurements and coordinated with ARC Houston on the print job. With Ram Salazar, manager of ARC Houston, taking the lead, he and his team devised a plan to deliver with certainty and have the prints in time to hit their tight deadline.

Design + Logistics

With the install schedule in place, RIOT had a very tight window in which to fit the installation work. And it wasn’t a simple print job either. All of the graphics had to be contour cuta specialized processprior to installation to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Again, Ram and his team stepped up to nail the print and cut job… They were shipping graphics from Houston to California up until the very last minute. A group of Tulsa installers worked constantly as the prints came in, which meant the installation was done in just a few days.

It was a testament to ARC-RIOT’s national presence and power.

resfreshed office walls with vinyl wall art


Rogers-Kante and the SeneGence team were so satisfied with the end result that they requested graphics for two more rooms in the facility while the install team was onsite, as well as another vinyl install for SeneGence’s Corona, CA location.

As soon as the walls go up at SeneGence’s location in Corona this spring, RIOT will be back on site for another vinyl install. And ARC will be right behind them, providing custom printing services from anywhere in the country.

Feeling inspired to freshen up your office space? Head over to RIOT’s Flickr page for even more office design inspiration.

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