S.T.A.R. Newsletter: February 2021 Part II!

David Stickney| February 12, 2021

Another couple weeks, another batch of excellent (and unsolicited) customer feedback! Part II of this month’s S.T.A.R. Newsletter includes exceptional jobs, exceeded expectations, and “WOWED” clients. Thanks to all the customers that continue to share their wonderful comments. It means a lot to us. We hope you enjoy these S.T.A.R. stories as much as we did!

1. ARC Southern CA

I just want to once again thank this entire team for the exceptional job performed this week. We’ve accomplished a major milestone by successfully migrating all Irvine users to Abacus. This is a great way to start the year and I look forward to continued successes throughout our partnership.

Thank you!!

2. ARC Seattle

Thank you Erin so much for your help! And please thank your team too! You all are super heroes today!!

3. ARC Northern CA

Hi Ray,

Sorry I missed your call earlier. Yes, everything was great with our last order – Dorothy and Jeremy are always awesome to work with!

4. ARC Southern CA

I want to also call out how excellent it was to speak with Mitchell Caceres, he is very easy to speak with, and provides excellent customer service. He is patient and more than always willing to assist with discounts when we are requesting large and expensive copies. He should be noticed for his excellence, can you pass this on to his supervisor?

5. ARC Louisiana

Hi Scott,

I thought you’d like to see how nice the sign looks and John Pickens men’s Clothier! Our little corner of the store is shining brightly because of your masterful work!!! Thank you for getting it out so quickly for me.


6. ARC Colorado

Dan, Joe and Steven,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to your staff, specifically Don Schmidt, who for the past couple of years has been consistently exceeding my expectations.
I cannot say enough about his positive attitude when I know he has a stressful job. He has ‘saved the day’ on a number of occasions for us. Despite any challenges on a given project, Don goes out of his way to assist me with technical questions, quality control and delivering within a tight timeframe. I know the Principals at Civitas have been consistently happy with Don and we recommend him to other out of town peers as well.

Thank you for your continued customer service all of these years, it has been a pleasure working with you all.

7. ARC Washington

Hi James:

I worked with Brenda Bowers quite a lot and I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to work with her. She is always quick to respond to my requests and professional in her responses. As an example I was home ill last week, placed an order from home and she found the address for the Owner for me to send the requested documents to. She is fabulous and I hope you realize what an asset she is to ARC.

8. ARC No California


I cannot thank you enough for everything! I would love to speak with your boss about your great service, it is truly truly appreciated and I hope I can help you in the future – if I can!

9. ARC Northern California


I wanted you to know that we had run into a bind with our Oce yesterday because a box of
toner was not left here for us we got set up and it ran out of toner so was not working . I
reached out to Ray Lira at ARC and he bent over backwards to get us the toner as soon as he
could. He doesn’t keep it in stock but called around and had some sent overnight. We really
appreciate people like him. Actually he always pulls through for us and we are grateful. Please
pass this along to his boss!

10. ARC Northern California

Good morning Alan,

Thank you so much. ARC is awesome!

I hope you’re having a nice day.

11. ARC Texas

I’d like to take a moment to share some very positive feedback to ARC regarding my experience having Marie Michaels as our assigned representative.

Since she has started, she has taken excellent care of our company’s needs and has been responsive, inclusive, honest in her dealings, and thoughtful about our current needs and future requirements. I feel that I can count on Marie to get in the middle of even the most difficult of situations, and be an advocate for [us] in not only our Sugar Land location, but all of our office locations.

12. ARC Southern California

Hi Kelly,

All I can say is that the Bid Proposal manuals look awesome! Everyone in our office was very impressed, and I’m sure our client will be WOWED!

I don’t think we can ever go back to the way we used to submit bids after this. 🙂

Thank you to you, and everyone involved for helping us pull this off. The proposals are on their way to Los Angeles by courier as we speak.


About the S.T.A.R. (Special Thanks and Recognition) Newsletter: We regularly receive a significant amount of unsolicited comments and feedback from our customers and partners. To celebrate those that take the time to say “thank you” and the great work of our team members, we’ll be posting some highlights here twice a month. We hope these stories stand as a testament to what we do the best: “offering exceptional services.

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