Abacus Contactless Workflow

Abacus Contactless Workflow

Abacus gives your team an easy-to-use interface on all print devices

  • Streamline the printing process with a single print queue and take all the guess work out for staff
  • Print and release documents securely and on demand from any Abacus enabled device
  • Eliminate the learning curve and give your staff a consistent, secure experience when they login to Abacus enabled devices
  • Easy authentication with a mobile device to give staff a contactless experience when retrieving their documents
  • Centralized scan-to-email and scan-to-file management eliminating the need to configure devices individually

Gain control with insightful dashboards

  • Dashboard metrics

    Gain visibility into your print environment

  • Real-time snapshots

    Reveal print activity and user behavior

  • Smart choice options

    Achieve green initiatives and cost savings goals

  • Simple configuration

    Reduce IT time spent on print management

Abacus makes it easy to make smart choices

Abacus gives your team smart choices based on the type of print job: color vs black & white, sending print job to ARC centers for cheaper production, choosing the right devices for the job…

Go from chaotic to calm and collected…

Abacus gives you easy systems’ integrations, streamlined workflows, and lower expenses

Guest printing is no longer an issue.

With Abacus, your guest can easily print their documents without IT being involved. See how simple it is – watch the video now!

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Easy to use and deploy, Abacus will optimize your print environment and minimize waste

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