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Digital Printing Solutions

ARC is a full-service digital color printer that has delighted customers for over 100 years. From our 140+ locations, we produce dazzling prints and graphics for any application you can dream of.

Enterprise Printing Solutions

We’re experts at helping large organizations to streamline their workflows, reduce waste, and focus on their core business. Check out our suite of services that will help you save time and money while increasing productivity.

Technical Printing Solutions

We know your business as we’ve been supporting the AEC Industry for over 100 years. With 140+ locations, we are North America’s largest blueprint provider. We use the latest digital printers to deliver reliable prints and plans for your project.

Technology Solutions

We will help you improve project performance thanks to a large suite of technology solutions. Built especially for design and construction professionals, ARC’s suite of solutions will drive successful project delivery. No matter the scale of your construction project, we’ll provide you with the highest quality of service through every stage.


Optimize your print environment and minimize waste

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  • Yes, ARC can set up standardized national pricing, SLA, and standard services for all your offices in North America.

  • ARC’s 150 locations are all digitally connected and we transfer and print orders cloesest to the delivery location. Please send the work to your closest ARC location and we will digitally ship them to them to our office in Chicago and print and deliver to your customer. Yes, you will save on Fedex/UPS costs.

  • Yes, ARC’s 150 centers have similar production devices and software. We use strict quality control methods to make sure the quality of prints are maintained no matter where the prints are made.

  • No. ARC supports all types of customer verticals with their digital printing needs. Health care, education, construction, retail, advertising, city and counties, entertainment, and federal are some of the main customer verticals.

  • Yes, we do. We can provide you short-term rentals of machines, break fix service, toner and paper for your project sites and any short term needs. We offer Xerox, Canon, HP, and Oce-branded devices.

  • Yes, ARC has a national installation team and they take care of all indoor and outdoor installations. Please review some of the projects we have completed at

  • Yes, ARC has a fleet of owned vehicles and drivers, along with a sub-contracted fleet of drivers for on-time deliveres.

  • Yes, ARC has a mobile app. Please download at . Use the mobile app to send print orders, get a quote and track your print orders.

  • We are closed over the weekend. However, you can pre plan large print orders with our store manager and we will set up production over the weekend.

  • The printing price depends on many factors such as paper size and color. It may vary from 49 cents per page and grow up to $15 per page. Please give us a call for a quote.

  • Most of the jobs are printed in a couple of hours. Smaller print orders can be done while you wait.

  • We accept major debit and credit cards. You can also open a credit account with us for frequent orders.

  • ARC staff are well trained to handle all printing needs, we are a one stop shop for all your print needs, and our customer service scores are very high.

  • ARC will provide a standard storage box. You call fill the box with documents and ARC will scan it for $219 per box.