5 Ways ARC Helps Franchisees in Hawaii and Alaska Participate in National Promotions

Andrew Giraldo| April 4, 2021

When you dream of running a business in a remote place, such as Hawaii or Alaska, complicated logistics probably don’t pop up in that dream. But, as a franchisee for a major chain in a remote area, the reality is, you face logistical challenges all the time, from higher shipping costs to slower delivery times.

The difficulty of logistics is especially evident when your franchise corporate headquarters decides to roll out a national promotion.

 National Promotions
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All of a sudden, customers are flooding in, asking about the great deal that your franchise is offering. Then, you have to give them the bad news that you’re not participating in the promotion.

Whether it’s fair or not, they’re either disappointed or downright angry.

But there is a solution. It comes in the form of ARC Document Solutions.

Our vast geographic footprint coupled with custom print capabilities and years of print experience make it easy for your franchise to participate in any promotion you like.

Here are the 5 ways we make that possible.

1. Quickly Obtain Promotional Materials at a Similar Cost as Corporate

Often, it’s a simple matter of not getting the marketing materials you need on time to roll out your promotion. And when it comes to capitalizing on a national promotion, timing is key. After all, the momentum built through national advertising campaigns won’t last forever.

Plus, you want to supplement the national exposure that corporate provides with local advertising of your own. Because ARC has 190 locations all over the United States, including in Hawaii, Alaska, and other remote locations, you can quickly and cost effectively cut through the corporate red tape to get the promotional materials you need at a reasonable price.

2. Easily Customize Promotional Materials

Another challenge for remote franchisees attempting to work around corporate to participate in a promotion is the need to customize your promotional materials. In Hawaii for example, the price of supplies is almost always higher, so you need to adjust accordingly.

Unfortunately, this often means you’ll have to spend too much time and money on customizing promotional materials. With ARC, that doesn’t have to be the case. In addition to our national presence, we provide the service and expertise, backed by a big-box mentality, to get you what you need at the best possible price.

3. Just-in-Time Fulfillment Optimizes Cash Flow

There’s a legal debate on whether or not a franchisee is a small business owner. We won’t get into that, but from a cash flow perspective, franchisees are very similar to a small business. And cash flow is the number one reason 82 percent of small businesses fail.

From a short-term perspective, national advertising campaigns can be very expensive. Not only are you spending money on advertising, you’re also offering a deal that will cut into your margins. ARC understands the importance of this, so we provide JIT fulfillment to minimize your cash outlay as much as possible.

4. Convenient Delivery Service

You know the magical convenience of ordering something on Amazon? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy that same convenience with the specialty promotion items you need for the next national promotion? ARC makes it possible. Our fast delivery service means your materials arrive at your store for an on-time roll out. There’s no need to wait on corporate anymore.

5. Low Shipping Costs

When you work with ARC’s printing specialists, you’re working with a local. So in addition to the familiarity of working with another local business, you won’t have to pay the exorbitant shipping fees that you usually would otherwise. As we mentioned earlier, in addition to our print shops in Hawaii and Alaska, we have locations in several other remote locations throughout the United States.

This enables us to cut down on delivery costs, passing the benefits on to you.


Maybe you’ve written off participating in the campaigns that your corporate headquarters keeps rolling out. We would understand if you have. But with ARC, the cost goes down and the timing is easier. So give us a call. We’ve helped plenty of franchisees in other remote locations facing similar challenges.

Take a look at our locations page to find the print shop nearest you.


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