2019 Year in Review

Dilo Wijesuriya| January 16, 2020

Between new service rollouts, a mobile app launch, dozens of inspiring customer stories, an exciting sustainability initiative, and more, you could say we’ve been busy this year.

Everything we’ve done was aimed towards helping you grow your business, improving your customer experience, and equipping you to deliver maximum value for prospects, customers, and partners.

As you plan for the year ahead, take a look back with us on all that transpired in 2019 to see how we can grow together in 2020.


ARC Goes Mobile

As a partner for the construction industry and beyond, ARC is committed to evolving our customer experience. One of the culminations of that evolution occurred early this year with the launch of the ARC Print App.

With the app, customers don’t need a computer to place and track orders, request quotes, or browse ARC’s print services. Of course, that’s not all the new app does, so if you missed the launch, take a minute to learn how the ARC Print App makes printing with ARC even easier.


HIPAA Compliant Scanning Services Launch

We’re always asking ourselves (and customers themselves) how we can provide more value. What we discovered was that there was a serious need for a simpler way to ensure HIPAA compliance. 

So in service of our customers, ARC created a HIPAA compliant digital and physical infrastructure that our customers can use to maintain HIPAA compliance while converting PHI to ePHI, managing ePHI, or all of the above. 

Read more about how it works here. 


Improving Upon Production Excellence

As print production experts, we get excited about equipment that helps us do our jobs better. The Ocė Colorado printer from Canon did just that. As soon as our service center production team got their hands on this printer, they raved about its production speed and quality. 

So you’d like to hear about the top-of-the-line equipment we’re using to create great prints for you, head to this link and watch the videos. 


Reforesting the World with One Tree Planted

As an organization, we oversee tons of printing. And while our sustainable print services do plenty to reduce wasteful printing, we wanted to take it a step further. So to help replenish the world’s forest, we partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization dedicated to global reforestation, to establish the Print and Plant Initiative.

You can read about the details here, but the basics of the program are that for every 8,333 sheets of paper our customers print, they can contribute 50 cents—which ARC matches—towards planting a tree.   


Customer Success Stories

From telling incredible visual stories to coordinating complicated event logistics, there were plenty of customer successes to celebrate in 2019. 

Here are three of our favorites:  

  1. Artwork, Graphics Tell ASB’s Story of Growth at New, 11-Story Campus
  2. BLKCORAL and ARC Hawaii Making Art in Paradise
  3. Local Roots, Global Reach: Leaders and ARC Team Up in NYC and Beyond


Informing the Industry

As a critical partner for so many different organizations in the construction industry, here at ARC, we get a front-row seat to some of the most significant trends in the construction industry. That’s why, early last year, we released the 2019 Design and Technology Report. If you haven’t read it, take a look. Highlights include:

  • Construction technology use trends
  • Universal proactivity and productivity challenges
  • RFI cost exposures for large, medium and small construction firms


QuoCirca’s Print Security Survey

Another big theme of 2019, that we expect to spill over into 2020 and beyond is cybersecurity in the print environment. QuoCirca’s report on the Print Security Landscape underscored that theme. 

It highlighted, among other things, what the most secure organizations are doing to head off print security threats as well as the magnitude of the print security threat. One of the biggest takeaways was the extent to which MPS can be a critical service for protecting the print environment.


Looking Forward to 2020

As we’re sure it was for you, 2019 was a busy year here at ARC. But we’re looking forward to solving more problems and serving our customers even better in 2020. 

In fact, we’re already on it with a variety of services and initiatives launched in 2019 that you’ll want to know about for 2020. So head on over to learn more at any one of the following pages:


Have questions? Give us a call at 833-272-8880 or contact us here