Document sharing that IT and
users can agree on

Finding the sweetspot between accessibility and security can be a pain. ARC’s applications are designed with IT professionals in mind: keeping company data secure, providing users real time access from any device, and offering built-in tech support.

No software

To get up and running with ARC Projects, Facilities, or Archives, no installation is required. Users simply need an internet connection, a login, and a mobile device or computer to get started.

A hybrid solution

ARC’s SaaS products run on a hybrid solution, using (.NET) and an open-source foundation. While open-source components bring speed and scalability, the Microsoft framework plugs up open-source vulnerabilities—giving you security without compromising agility.

No help desk tickets

Did we mention all ARC cloud-based document management solutions come with dedicated product and end user support? ARC’s SaaS products will never require you to respond to extra help desk tickets and through streamlining the number of user tools may reduce support requests overall.

One source, one truth

ARC’s SaaS products let you reduce the number of tools needed to get the job done with industry grade applications—not consumer level products. Centralized information ensures that you have full control over who gets access and that when employee separation occurs no company documents are lost.

Get cutting edge printing

Paper is difficult to make go away. If a paperless office is out of the question, you can leverage the latest technology to take control of your print environment. ARC’s Managed Print Services provides organization with powerful print tracking and capture technology that helps you eliminate costs and generate predictable monthly expenses.

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